Author: Amanda Crabb

AmandaCrabb_copyAmanda Crabb (@amanda_crabb182) Glasgow, United Kingdom My name is Amanda Crabb and I am a teacher in Scotland. I teach children who have additional support needs which are classed as severe and or complex. The majority of my pupils have limited communication, verbal or otherwise, as well as many other developmental and medical issues. Over the past 2 years I have focused on finding ways to use technology that will enhance my pupils’ learning experience and work towards improving their communication. I am passionate about education and love to find innovative ways to reach out to my pupils.

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Amanda Crabb: First Words

by Amanda Crabb Expert Educator Columnist, UK The excitement of a toddler who has just said their first words is a special and treasured moment. Parents wait in anticipation to hear their child’s first comprehensible word and the thrill of hearing their precious child take their first steps into a world where they can communicate using words and sentences is always a happy moment. Granted, whilst many parents are disappointed to discover that their child’s first utterance is the dreaded “no”, their accomplishment of such an incredible milestone is always celebrated nonetheless. Each new word added to a child’s vocabulary brings with it it’s own excitement and celebration. I find myself in a position where I am truly privileged; I get to experience children taking their first steps in communication regularly. My job is wonderful; it is exciting, enjoyable and rewarding. But it is not what you think. I do not work in a nursery or day care centre. I do not work with toddlers. In fact, I do not work with children who should …