Author: Becky Keene

BeckyKeene_copyBecky Keene (@beckykeene) Seattle, Washington Becky Keene is a program specialist for technology integration in Kent School District, Washington. She has been a classroom teacher in several grade levels K-8 and recently attained her National Board Teaching Certification. Currently, Becky works with teachers to train, support, coach, and encourage dynamic growth in 21st century learning to prepare students for their futures

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Becky Keene: Five Ways, Not Four

by Becky Keene Expert Educator Columnist, USA This is my first blog post for What’s Fresh, under my column called The Modern Learner. I’ve been thinking for weeks about what to write. Then, last week, I got a chance to work with 18 fourth grade student technology ambassadors at one of Kent School District’s elementary schools, and I knew that’s what I wanted to write about. I was showing the students how to use their Surface RT devices more efficiently. “There are four ways to get back to the Start screen,” I told the students. “Let’s see if you can work in your teams to find all four ways.” These students are mostly ten years old this time of year, and they love a great challenge. It’s like a treasure hunt, and they were busy pressing all sorts of buttons and using every gesture they could think of to find all four ways. I was pretty sure of myself in my four ways to get to the Start screen. I’ve spent the last year traveling …