Author: Bijal Damani

BijalDamani_copyBijal Damani (@bijaldamani) Gujarat, India Bijal Damani is an internationally connected educator teaching Business to Grade 11-12 students at S N Kansagra School in Rajkot, Gujarat – India. Bijal is a passionate about providing context to the learning and hence all her teaching always has real life connections. Her project ‘Creative Capitalists ‘Let’s Make World A Better Place’ was the first runner up in ‘Knowledge Construction and Critical Thinking’ Category in Microsoft Global Forum held at Barcelona. Bijal’s classroom practices have been appreciated by many international institutions and she is the receiver of numerous global awards.

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Bijal Damani: My Tips for Successful ICT Integration

by Bijal Damani Expert Educator Columnist, India Wishing a very happy new year to all! I am Bijal Damani teaching Business to Grade 11-12 students at The Galaxy Education System, Rajkot – India. In my first blog, I am going to talk about four points of why and how teachers should embrace technology in their classroom. During my 15 years of teaching-learning experience, following are my observations about effective integration of technology into classroom. Your lesson plan still matters Being pressurized to use the technology, many teachers start with the technology first. They will have the tool in hand and try to adjust the lesson plan around that tool. This type of adjust usually leads to disaster – with the technology as well as delivering the content. It is very important for all the educators to understand that technology is just providing us the tools which can give deeper experiences to our students compared to other traditional tools. Though picking up right tools is very important, drafting a perfect lesson plan is more important. This …