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WalidChaafi_copyWalid Chaafi (@chaafi_walid) Tunis, Tunisia I am Walid Chaafi from Tunisia. I am 35-years-old. Married and father of two children. I have been teaching English for Young Learners for more than 7 years. I like technology and I work as web designer and websites creator in my free time. I worked with the British Council Tunisia for 4 years before moving to teaching. I taught translation at university and I am working as a part time translator and interpreter from and to English/Arabic/French. I am an ICT trainer as well. Knowing more and helping others is what I like most. My column InnovasTic runs every other Friday.  

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Walid Chaafi: What Does it Mean To Be Innovative in Education?

by Walid Chaafi Expert Educator Columnist, Tunisia “I read, and I forgot. I saw, and I believed.  I did, and I understood.”  -Confucius That quote has been stuck in my mind since I read it eight years ago! It showed me that what we need is not more theories but more practice. Today’s students want an education that meets their individual needs, and opportunities that connect them to what is happening around the globe. They challenge us to be innovative and to make learning environments more exciting, challenging and rewarding. That is said, meme introduce myself. I am Walid Chaafi. I am 35 years old. I am a father of two children. I have been teaching English since more than 7 years in Tunisia. I teach in the southeast of Tunisia in a city called Medenine. Officially speaking, I am referred to as an EFL Teacher as English in the education system of Tunisia is considered as a foreign language (English as a Foreign Language) not a second langue (ESL), which is French. Before starting …