Author: Champa Rathnayake

champa-rathnayakeChampa Rathnayake (@champnr) Sri Lanka I am a teacher from Sri Lanka, with 27 years of teaching experience. Throughout my professional path I have taught various subjects in addition to English and ICT. Currently I am a fulltime ICT teacher and the school ICT coordinator, and work as an ICT resource person in my education zone.I do believe that learning takes place when the learning environment is accurately set and stress free. And learning experiences should go beyond the walls of school. Knowledge construction, collaboration, creativity, communication and problem -solving is important in daily learning activities. Finally, being a lifelong learner, I am always inquisitive, reflective and collaborative-ready to learn from anyone, anytime, anywhere.

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Champa Rathnayake: Need To Use Technology In The Classroom

by Champa Rathnayake Expert Educator Columnist, Sri Lanka Some decades ago, the teachers get their pupils to use slates to write on. As a pre-school child I used a slate with pencils, which made with slate too. Sometimes it made a screeching sound when it scratches the slate surface. Sand boards are still used to train students the shapes of letters and numbers, in the kindergarten and primary classes. The way that I used them as a pupil, is a memory I still cherish. Even though blackboards and chalk are still in use in our schools, they are gradually being replaced by whiteboards and marker pens. Many people talk about Interactive multimedia projectors and interactive whiteboards in the classroom as well. New computer labs and wireless network facilities are installed in schools. Students are provided with well-equipped classrooms comparing to those of two decades ago. Yet, the student in the present school is always subjected to criticize by the common elder, that student is not like the kid in our good old days. They use …