Author: Erliza Matacot

ErlizaMatacot_copyErliza Matacot (@jhonerliz) Dasmarinas City, Philippines I’m Erliza L. Matacot, an English teacher at Dasmarinas East National High School, Dasmarinas City, Philippines. I’ve been in the public educational institution for almost five years. Aside from teaching English subject, I am also the School Paper Adviser of in our campus journalism. My wonderful adventure as a teacher started when I became a member of Global Filipino Teacher. It is a training program designed to spread the use ICT in the teaching and learning environment.  There, I learned how to develop a project-based learning. I also met Microsoft and became amazed with its different free tools. Reading the different posts form different educators around the world made make me more inspired. Now, as I have been chosen to be one of the MIE Experts, I feel so great and honored for I know that I will learn more exciting and more interesting things with my co- MIE Experts.

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Erliza Matacot: My Journey as a Teacher With Microsoft and Project-Based Learning

By Erliza Matacot Expert Educator Columnist, Philippines Change is constant. According to Mahatma Gandhi, “We must be the change we want to see in this world.” As a teacher, I know that I can make a difference in bringing my 21st century students in the right path of embracing the technology. During the first year of my teaching in a private school, I noticed how dedicated I was as a teacher. I directed musical plays, I trained my students in different school level competitions, and also managed our campus journalism. After five years of serving in a private school, I needed to accept the new challenge for me as a teacher… and that is to serve public school students.