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KalpanaKishorekumar_copyKalpana Kishorekumar (@kalpanakishore) Brunei Darussalam I am Kalpana Kishorekumar widely known as Kalpana. If I am going to describe myself, I am a simple, down to earth person who has this curious little mind that gets excited about things associated with technology. Believe me, I ran away from a computer center where I enrolled to study Programming. This was 12 years ago, now the story is different. I believe that “Knowledge is POWER, if only it is rightly delivered”. I don’t agree to the statement where education should be constrained in a four walled classroom; now I give you an image of a protagonist there! Anyway, I had been teaching for 14 years now and I have come a long way in my career. I am a Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator for 2014 and I am MIE Expert for 2015. The only aspects I love about these forum is that you learn from other educators experiences and you share these with your own community of educators. As per the saying, I change in a positive way, and I wish to see the change happening in the educator’s world!

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Kalpana Kishorekumar: Yammer- APPY Communication Approach for Organizations!

by Kalpana Kishorekumar Expert Educator Columnist, Brunei Let this article roll out in high fashion, as I expound my walk with Yammer- an appy communication approach for organizations! Day in and out, I have seen teachers in my school using Facebook when they are free. Who am I to complain? I use Facebook too, but what bothered me was: Why teachers use Facebook to send official messages? Why don’t they use their organizational email or just email? Is it the RIGHT communication channel for educational institutions? I wondered and piqued about it, for a while… Have you ever fantasized about social networks only for organizations? Will they be as popular as Facebook and Twitter? Questions whirled my mind… as usual I was lost in my own question bubble! When I asked this question loud and clear, the look I received from my colleagues was priceless, a look that proved that I am crazy… Good job, I had to profane myself! While working on my assignment on Educational Technology, I stumbled upon Yammer, I jumped as …


Kalpana Kishorekumar: BETT Asia 2014- A Road to Transformation

by Kalpana Kishorekumar Expert Educator Columnist, Brunei “Learning is a lifelong process”, so I have heard and believed! But BETT ASIA made me to witness it and now all I can say is “so I have experienced”! “BETT ASIA” is Asia’s premier gathering of senior education leaders where they exceptionally remain open minded to discuss about technology altered landscape of learning, by placing tools of innovation and inspiration into the hands of educators, decision makers and other key educational professionals. Privileged to attend BETT ASIA 2014 SCHOOL LEADERSHIP SUMMIT, 3rd – 4th December 2014, at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore should I thank my luck or Microsoft? Of course, my association with Microsoft has taken me to places that I have dreamt and associated me with wonderful people who are super awesome! A conference of its kind, which educators, policy makers and MIE Experts would love to attend and being an MIE Expert 2015, I enjoyed every aspect of it… I am blessed to attend this high end conference with people who are currently …