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KarinaBatat_copyKarina Batat (@karinam60) Petach Tikva, Israel Hi all, my name is Karina Batat. I’m a teacher at Gordon Primary School in Israel. I teach PE & Geography and I’m also the school IT coordinator. I have 24 years’ experience in teaching and I integrated ICT in my lessons since 1995. In recent years, I had the opportunity to implement a digital culture in two different primary schools in Petach Tikva: in 2006 at Naomi Shemer School and in 2012 at Gordon School. I will post at the official Blog of the Microsoft Educator Network, Fresh Blog, once a month and to start with I would like to tell you briefly what you will find in my blog. In this blog we will focus on concepts such as digital culture, learning anywhere and for all, Office365 and sharing OneNote. I will share with you experiences in the process of implementing digital culture at school. To be more precise, I will share with you steps of implementing Office 365 in class at school, recommendations for what to do and how. And of course all this will be accompanied by short anecdotes from “the field” – my classroom.

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Karina Batat: Office 365- Our Way of Life

by Karina Batat Expert Educator Columnist, Israel In the previous post, I shared with you how we got to the idea of integrating Office 365 as our virtual learning environment, the benefits and the way we’ve chosen to implement the environment in school. In this post, we will talk about virtual learning environments in Office 365. We will see how they promote meaningful learning and many 21-Century learning skills. From my experience VLE motivate teachers and students, as well. In my school, I developed our first VLE in Office 365 for my Global Project: “Trees Please!” and started to work on it with Lea Tziofiof, the Science teacher. Lea got very enthusiastic with it and started to share her success with other teachers at the teachers’ room. Today students learn in VLE in almost all subjects. Recently, because of implementing a virtual environment (in Office 365) as “our way of life”, the learning process is done in two layers complementary: the first one in the classroom and the second, and the newest, the virtual one.


Karina Batat: Office 365- Class 365

by Karina Batat Expert Educator Columnist, Israel In my journey toward change, I’ve come to the idea of a virtual learning environment to inspire and empower teacher and students to create their own spaces to foster curiosity and creativity. Influenced by the ideas of leading thinkers, experts on education, creativity and innovation like Sir Ken Robinson and Mr Sugata Mitra: “… We have to move to a model that is based more on principles of agriculture: create the conditions under which our students will begin to flourish.” ― Sir Ken Robinson (The Element). “We need a pedagogy free from fear and focused on the magic of children’s innate quest for information and understanding.” – Sugata Mitra I am filled with brilliant ideas … and suddenly snap back to reality: a public primary school, in an old building, classes like shoe boxes with four walls … reality! And yet I’m still feeling the need for change.