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JamieEwing_copyJamie Ewing (@mrewingteach) Burien, Washington, USA Jamie is a National Board Certified Teacher (MCGEN) that teaches in the White Center neighborhood at Mount View Elementary. Jamie is the 2014 Bezos Center of Innovation / MOHAI’s Teacher of the year. Jamie is recognized as the 2013 Innovative Teacher of the Year by the National Academy of Arts and Science in Education. He is also in the 2014 cohort of the 100 Top PBS Innovative Educators. He is a Master Teacher in Math with the Better Lessons/NEA project as well as part of the 2014 NEA Teach Fellows. He has represented the USA at the2013 Microsoft Partner’s In Learning Global Forum that was held in Prague, Czech Republic and also in 2014 at the Global Forum in Barcelona, Spain. Jamie is also featured in the  video alongside Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg , and other STEM/Programming industry leaders. He has been recognized nationally and international for the work he does in the classroom. Stem + Common Core + 21st Century Skills = 21st century education! Oh, and Jamie is a little crazy…just ask his students! Jamie is NOT afraid to speak his mind even when it is not what is supporting the current rhetoric in education, Jamie thinks of his students first not himself.

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Jamie Ewing: Education + Corporations + Standards + Change = Makers of Success

by Jamie Ewing Expert Educator Columnist, USA The proudest moment for any teacher is hearing the words my former student once told me, “[Technology] made me feel smart.” Then learning a year later, that student, who is in special education and an English Language Learner, has become more confident and is thriving in the 6th grade; performing at grade-level in math and above grade-level in reading. I don’t think you are gong to find many arguments against the basic idea that the state of education is ready for change. Change, in the truest sense of the word, is wanted, needed and happening. The arguments become heightened when you start to discuss how it is happening. Our students are falling behind not because there are too many high stake test, not using enough or using too much technology, that they come from high income or low income homes, or that their teachers is only being evaluated on test scores: they are falling behind because they are bored!