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nam-ngoNam Ngo Than (@mrnamvas) Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Hello everyone. I am Ngo Thanh Nam. I'm now grade 5 teacher at Vietnam Australia International school at Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. I participated in Teacher with creativity contest in Vietnam and luckily achieved the first prize. After the event, I am known more with the job of technology-applied teaching and I'm greatly interested in those wonderful things. I love teaching that has the interaction between teacher and students, all of which generates more interest and inspiration for my job. Besides, I’m also the educational specialist this year. It’s spectacular to work and learn from other specialists. My sincere thanks to Microsoft.

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Nam Ngo Thanh: My Flipped Classroom

 by Nam Ngo Thanh Expert Educator Columnist, Vietnam Technology is important part of my work in the classroom. I have always looking for new ways to teach. So, after the workshop of a fellow in Vietnam – MS Quyen To, I decided to try this new approach in teaching process in my classroom. What is flipped classroom? Teachers made the video about the theory and basic exercises, share it over the Internet, so the students can look at it before lecture itself, so the time in class can be devoted to the questions of students, doing exercises or discussion of knowledge. What are advantages of Flipped Classroom? + The role of teacher is changed. He guide his students through exploring the lesson, encourage them, support and help them to develop their ideas. Students are getting knowledge through active roles. They are not passive any more. +Teacher also change their approach – they don’t just send informations, they become intelectual leaders. + Teachers are motivated to experiment, to get new experiences in class, they also learned with their students. + It allows teachers to use the time of the class better, working directly with students. +It helps students to think about the most …


Nam Ngo Thanh: Global Project With OneNote

by Nam Ngo Thanh Expert Educator Columnist, Vietnam My name’s Nam, I’m a teacher from Vietnam. I love project-based teaching and would love to implement this throughout my teaching job. I don’t only want to limit my project within student’s range but I also look for collaboration with teachers from other countries. What tool should I go for to benefit this cooperation? OneNote, the best tool I’ve ever used, has caused me a great interest. Why do I prefer OneNote? -No restriction of geographic distance and different schedules -Support to store, set up and share a variety of information at one source. -Easily accessible