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PaulinaHernandez_copyPaulina Hernandez (@paokhs) Mexico City, Mexico My name is Paulina Hernández, I graduated with a Software engineer degree from Morelia Institute of Technology, I’ve been teaching Computer science in high school for 5 years now and I absolutely adore it. I like to participate in global science and computer fairs and contest with my students. One thing I’d love to do is to help teachers, to teach them new ICT tools and ways to innovate in education, because for me is in our hands the future of the youth. I love technology, huge movie fan, reader and chess player, painter and yoga practitioner.

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Paulina Hernandez: Fostering an Interest in Science and Technology in Young People

by Paulina Hernandez Expert Educator Columnist, Mexico Have you ever wondering why, when you ask a child, “What will you be when you grow up?” They normally answer with an astronaut, an inventor or any answer really cool, no matter how crazy it sound to us, for them it is actually quiet simple but when you ask them again when they reach a greater age they think completely different and you get most common answers. I think that everybody knows that there are some educational systems that kill the curiosity and love of learning in children. So that has an impact in young people declining to engaged in careers of technology and science. So to change it we would have to change from basic education models and that unfortunately is not near to be seen nor simple either in some of our countries. However we teachers can try to plant this small seed of love and curiosity, but how?


Paulina Hernandez: Engage Your Students Through Animation!

by Paulina Hernandez Expert Educator Columnist, Mexico Today I’d like to tell you about the use of animation as a learning method in education. In recent school years I have been working with projects where animation is concern. I have learned with my students about all the good work that it takes, so today I can say that it is an excellent method of learning that goes along with the use of ICT. Why it is an excellent method for learning? To make a meaningful learning about any subject when we teach we must ENGAGE our students. Make an animation with them is a project that involves many factors including: Thinking something to transmit, create a story, characters, conclusion, etc. If we add the use of cameras, use of software for editing video and audio. And once they finish it, they can share it in the web. With this we are talking about a project that itself is an ICT-based product. How does it work?


Paulina Hernandez: OneDrive Can Make Our Lives Easier!

by Paulina Hernandez Expert Educator Columnist, Mexico As teachers, there are many technologies available for us today, some very recommended. But only until you use them do you realize how useful and amazing they really are … so this time, I will talk about OneDrive, an app provided by Microsoft and one of my favorites to use with my students. First of all, I will tell you why I consider it a very useful tool and how can you use it in education. I think this has happened to most of us– when a student has to deliver some papers and once he/she arrives at school and starts looking for their USB drive, they realize it’s been forgotten it at home. That’s when they usually proceed to ask to be allowed to deliver their homework the next day. And then there are those times when you’re working on your computer and suddenly there goes an update, so the computer shuts down and you didn’t get the chance to save anything, meaning you will have to …


Paulina Hernandez- The Importance of Digital Teachers

by Paulina Hernandez Expert Educator Columnist, Mexico In the last decades, information and communication technologies have played a very important role in our lives. We spend all day using digital devices, eager to share our lives and experiences, clicking what we like, saving every moment, communicating through social networks and chats. But as simple as it seems, being in this dynamic change is not that easy because technology itself is constantly changing. And even as digital natives, young generations need to learn how to be digital literates. In an era in which the use of ICT is vital for globalization, technology cannot be separate from education.