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TroySmith_copyTroy Smith (@smith_t_r) Waikato, New Zealand Troy Smith is head of digital technology and network manager at Te Aroha College, a rural secondary school in New Zealand. He is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and provides professional development, advice and inspiration to a cluster of school in his region. Troy has a background in electronics and is studying towards a masters in instructional technologies. Troy is passionate about robotics in education and 21st century learning and is looking forward to developing a successful program that can be adopted by many educators worldwide. Troy is a father of three young children and enjoys motorsport, mountain biking, gardening and tinkering in his spare time.

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Troy Smith: Using Robotics and Electronics to Facilitate 21st Century Learning

by Troy Smith Expert Educator Columnist, New Zealand Who is Troy Smith? Hi readers, my name is Troy Smith and I am a Digital technology teacher at Te Aroha College a small rural school not far from Hobbiton in New Zealand. I am a maker, a programmer and love getting my students into cybernetics. I like to know how things work and getting things to work! I teach years 7 to 13, which is 11 to 18 year olds and I am currently re-developing my classes into a full robotics learning pathway using 21 century learning design. What is he blogging about? I am excited to be a Microsoft Expert Educator columnist and look forward to keeping you up to date with the progress I have made with the maker space for the robotics laboratory. I will also publish some tutorials on using Microsoft products for education that I make for staff PD as part of my network management role. Here is a QR code link to an online tutorial that I have made which …