Author: Richard Snyder

RichardSnyder_copyRichard Snyder (@techsavvylib) Kirkland, WA, USA Richard Snyder is a National Board certified teacher-librarian in the Lake Washington School District and is a Microsoft Innovative Educator. He serves on the Board of Directors for NCCE and was recently elected President-Elect. He has worked with new teachers and new teacher-librarians at Western Washington University and The University of Washington. He also teaches a graduate Technology in Education course at Seattle Pacific University. When not in school, Richard tries to fill up his passport with as many stamps as time and budget will allow.

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Richard Snyder: My Makerspace Experience- Just Do It

by Richard Snyder Expert Educator Columnist, USA The best professional learning tool I use daily is Twitter. I get to see projects, share ideas, and receive feedback on my work and ideas from hundreds of colleagues (most of whom I’ve never met). It’s an instantaneous source of ideas and collaboration that I rely on, and it has fueled many ideas for my middle school library. One idea was the notion of creating a makerspace in the library. I heard about this over the last few years at conferences like NCCE and ISTE, but I was unsure about how this could look in my space. Okay – in reality, I was scared. The thought of putting out materials and project ideas for students that weren’t connected to a class or a grade was worrisome (would students do it? would they waste materials? what impact would this have on my daily structure? is this just going to be a mess?) and a roadblock for pursuing it any further.