Scott Wieprecht Community School Teaching Awards

Scott Wieprecht (@mrwieprecht)

Cornwall, UK

Scott Wieprecht is a Microsoft Expert Educator Fellow based in the South West of the United Kingdom. He works at forward thinking community school who are a Microsoft World Tour school. Having taught for 5 years, working his way up from classroom teacher to Enrichment Coordinator and now Head of Year Group, Scott places lots of his success on his use of technology and the impact it has on his learners. Still spending 40 hours per fortnight with contact time in the classroom, he uses a whole host of new technology to ensure his young people are not just engaged, but also developing the key 21st century learning skills needed to be successful in the modern world. “Young people are the future, and good, productive use of technology is the key” is a philosophy Scott very much subscribes to, the reason he uses Office 365 as a method of collaboration and engagement in his classroom, and to remove the barriers, and indeed the physical walls of learning. Student leadership is also vital to Scott’s teaching ethics and his work on a student led project, “The OffPerts” has seen him invited to present at event both nationally and internationally, as well as seeing his student become the first to attend a Global Forum in 2014, and also collect an award for “Outstanding Use of New Technology”. Scott has also been awarded this year a converted “National Teaching Award, again for his use of New Technology. Scott is a teacher of Mathematics, Integrated Learning and is a leader in use of Office 365 (having written the popular educational eBook on the topic) as well as Office MIX and Project Spark.

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