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Ahmad Syairozi: Let’s Find the Fun of Pi!


by Ahmad Syairozi
Expert Educator Columnist, Indonesia

Pi is an irrational number, which is worth 3.14159 … Pi has a very long history, ranging from century BC until now many scientists are researching about Pi. One of them is Archimedes (287-212 BC), allegedly, when the Roman army would kill him, he is engrossed in solving math problems by doodling on the ground. He did not run but instead told the Roman army “do not disturb my circles!” Suppose he used to use OneNote sure we can know the question as to what he was thinking at the time. Because with OneNote, we can make handwriting, save it, and then share them with others. But unfortunately, Microsoft did not yet exist at that time.

Because of the importance of Pi, I asked my students at the Junior High School of Al Hikmah Surabaya to figure the value of pi with a simple experiment. The program I use is Microsoft excel because it is very powerful for complex calculations.

Before it started learning, I asked the students to bring things from home or circular hunt around the school. They are paired into groups and each group is expected to bring a laptop.

They work in pairs, collect and select the objects that are considered to have a perfect circle, such as cups, plates, tambourines and others. Then, they were asked to measure the circumference and diameter of the object by using the ruler rope.

Once they get the data about the circumference and diameter of these objects, they calculated the ratio between the circumference and diameter. Certainly not easy to determine, because it involves complicated decimal number. For this they use Microsoft excel help. They love to use it because it is quite easy. It just to enter data and create formulas in excel then the results appear accurately.

They were in discussions about the results of the comparison circumference and diameter. Lively discussion, as they were astonished by the results obtained. The comparison between the circumference and diameter of each thing tends to equal that range 3.00 to 3.40. End of discussion that took place, they get the conclusion that the results of the ratio of the circumference with diameter is called Pi ( Pi = Circumference is divided by Diameter).

Above, is an example of the learning activities using technology that I have applied. I am very happy because the learning objectives have been achieved. Students also are glad to have new experiences and knowledge.

All of us, teachers, students, and school management agree that learning to use the technology can be fun and easier. But the question is, whether we are teachers who are constantly using technology when teaching and facilities are complete, we can make students become great people like Archimedes, Einstein, or other? The ancient people like Archimedes, never use the technology in learning. but they much can be great people.

Actually, the answer is simple. It all depends on the teacher. Any sophisticated technology, complete any amenities, and no matter how good their education system, if the teacher is not great so then the students were going to be mediocre. Teachers are very important factors. For that, we as teachers need to learn and do not easily satisfied. In or now it’s a is an accurate and complete to learn how to educate children in the 21st century and how to use technology in learning the true essence of the learning objectives to be achieved. Let us hasten to take shortcourse in

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