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Angeles Soriano: My 2015 Goals- Sharing, Collaborating, and Creating


by Angeles Soriano
Expert Educator Columnist, Spain

In a few days I will have the opportunity to see how a small idea that you comment via twitter with different people, (you don’t know personally), but who also believe that education can be improved with small actions, becomes a reality.

This group of teachers have planned a forum for discussion and dissemination about the ICT and education: @Xatac5

This Forum will use twitter as a communication tool to discuss a topic based on questions that are thrown to the audience to generate one hour debate. It seeks to create a forum where teachers can improve your personal learning network environment (PLN)

The idea arose after participating in several of them during the summer holidays, (there is always time to all rest and fill yourself with new ideas). I’d like to point out #Educhat, #Nt2t and #assuieED. All of them, with their collaboration, teachings have offered me each week the possibility to export this idea to my country, Spain, and used it in Catalan language, because the teachers with whom I share this adventure we teach this co-official language in the cities where we live (Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante).

Topics discussed with the audience are initially defined in the first weeks, to make in subsequent weeks the audience who with their votes, then select try next week. The first topic focus attention on the use of technology to promote participation and empowerment; the following as like: the role of teachers, the role of students, the methodology of Flipped class, tools to encourage participation and collaboration, among other topics.

I would like to point out to my colleagues in this adventure: @NewsNeus, @elenaojando @ob2000twit, @ernerstpt without your collaboration and work the project couldn’t been made real.

The hashtag we use is #xatac5, we invite you to participate Wednesday 20:00-21:00 hour from Spain.

2015 is born with Horizons where collaboration helps us grow as teachers, sharing our experiences to create professional networks that facilitate our learning. Is there a better way to be a lifelong learner?

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  1. It’s a pleasure to participate in the #XaTac5 adventure! :-)
    Congratulations for this initiative: debating education possibilities is always a professional learning process!

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