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Anutosh Deb: Teaching with Visual Media


by Anutosh Deb
Expert Educator Columnist, India

Anutosh Deb, teaching Art Education and working with 21st Century skills creating ICT based projects in K-12 schools in India. I have been working in the Government sector, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, for the past about twenty years.

However the past twelve years of my profession has been the most rewarding and satisfying. Though I am basically teaching Art, I am more at ease teaching with ICT. Doing so I have been widely acknowledged for my ICT based works, creating number of online collaborative projects with students of my school and with other teachers and students of different schools globally.

I was fortunate that my work was acknowledged by Microsoft and I had the opportunity to represent India at the Microsoft Global Forum in 2014 held in Barcelona, Spain. The best part of the forum other than meeting Educators worldwide was interacting personally with Mr. Anthony Salcito. This moment is a motivation to continue the work in the future.

Collaborative learning through meaningful blogging and effective use of the Visual media.

Blogs are among the most innovative and challenging online activity in the 21st century. Innovative thinking to create an impressive work through blogs is a skill that has to be passed on to the children, who take more interest working digitally. Connected to the internet and having access to sources of information, it is interesting to work with children and facilitate the healthy and meaningful use of an internet based collaborative learning atmosphere through blogs. The Visual media would involve digital imaging, restoration and editing, compiling the content using the best available software and create suitable and impressive video and stills and connect them to the digital world to share. Both blogging and sharing of visual contents are among the most powerful tools for teaching learning today.

I have been into blogging since 2005 working on blogger and now on WordPress. I am very comfortable working with Word press blogs, collaborating with contributors and this satisfies my creative urge. The dynamic approach to blogs by giving it a feel of a website is what excites my creativity and gives me the opportunity to keep on innovating and harnessing the ICT skills.

I am always eager to create, connect and share with global educators and students to keep myself updated with the latest innovation in Technology in Education in the 21st Century for the rest of my life.

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