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Bijal Damani: From Good To Great Teaching


by Bijal Damani
Expert Educator Columnist, India

What will differentiate an ordinary teacher from a great teacher in years to come? A lot has been said about training and preparing students with 21st century skills. But we as teachers are so engrossed in fulfilling our present task that we have forgotten that our roles are undergoing massive changes. Here is the list of characteristics which differentiates a Great Teacher from A Good Teacher.

A Good Teacher A Great Teacher
Is an expert in subject matter + knows how to integrate it with other subjects so that students get to know the whole picture
Uses the technology to distribute content, information to students + Mostly devices the lessons plans where students use the technology for Creating.
Has learnt all about education in acquiring Teacher’s Degree + Has a good network of likeminded educators and has an ongoing PD taking place through this network
Uses the pedagogical techniques which are tried and tested over a period of time + Carries out own Action Researches to find out variety of techniques and technology which can make teaching -learning process more effective
Does not take risks Takes risks – often fails – learns a lesson and moves on J
Believes her job is to prepare students for the present Is future oriented. The lessons are formulated keeping in mind the future.
Good teachers develop the visible talent in students Great teachers introduces students to their own hidden talents
Good Teachers measure the success of students in form of test scores. Great Teachers look beyond the test scores of students. They focus on the other undirected skills and talents   with the students and guide them to excel in that direction.
Good teachers share with students their present successes. Great Teachers have high expectations from their students. They introduce them to what they are capable of.
Good teachers try to create one lesson plan that caters to students with all different abilities. Great teacher uses variety of technology tools to provide individual education plan for each child.
A good teacher considers herself the master of her subject. Looks for certified courses to add to her CV. A great teacher considers herself as a lifelong learner and absorbs knowledge from variety of sources using technology – books, social media networks, colleagues, PD groups etc.
Good teacher gives examples to understand the content. Great teacher connects the content with the real life.
Follows the school rules and expects the students in her class to follow class rules Challenges the rules which are redundant and not adding to student welfare. Writes new solutions and presents it to other stakeholders to review and adopt.


The list is endless…… I would appreciate if my fellow colleagues add to this list by leaving their comments in the Comment Box.

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