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Dai Nguyen Thi: Project-Based Learning Makes Physics Fun!


by Dai Nguyen Thi
Expert Educator Columnist, Vietnam

My stance in teaching is that: “Applying information communication technology in the teaching is an artistic job. The Information technology must go in hand with teaching methodology then it will make itself radiant.

As I think, the teaching methodology is for the whole world. However, in the other countries, other regions, depending on the actual situation in education and the development of information technology, using teaching methodology with information technologies requires the creation of educators. The success in the application of information technology in teaching, that is fit and high feasibility for many teachers and students working together and help students to improve the 21st century skills.

Project-based learning is one of the best teaching methodology. However, when I applied PBL of teaching, I and my colleagues just knew mostly PowerPoint Apps. I asked myself about the question “: How application of information communication technology in teaching projects could be used as an effective tool supporting students learn well.

I started with Project-based learning in Physics 8 “Pressure in the life and the techniques. Environmental protection, the protection of water resources in order to avoidable pollution”

To bring this project to my students, I introduced some clips about environmental pollution, water pollution, rampant waste situation, scarcity of fresh water in the region especially the waters. I am used PowerPoint Apps to presentation project.

My students have combined ICT with the knowledge of the local situation and to get on the innovative ideas, to help them in scientific research.

After the end of the project, three groups of students have formed three different products.

Group 1: From the limited fresh water in the world, pollution of water resources; Students were used PowerPoint Apps to design water supply and drainage system for high buildings. The special thing was that waste water was processed and reused. Then they have given out the message “Using the water saving and the protection of water resources in order to avoidable pollution”

Group 2: From situation, there was so many waste and had not been recycled. My students have known how to use the recycled materials that made up the liquid presses model with the idea of machine-pressed mattresses. They have given out the message “Please collect waste and recycle because waste is a valuable resource”

Group 3: From the situation of limited fresh water in the Islands, the Sea, my students were used recycled materials and knowledge in subjects to making the filter system and sea water distillation by the greenhouse effect in order to having fresh water and salt for people in the Islands. They have given out the message of love with people and motherland. They have also given out the message of environmental protection, the protection of water resources in order to avoidable pollution!

To join the project, they have known applying ICT and knowledge of subjects to make the products. My students are like real scientists, made the products. Through their own products, they have given out the properly message for life.

My project won the Nation second prize in the contests innovative teachers on the basis of information technology. But, what we have all is that we have applied a great teaching methodology successfully to teach my students. When doing this project, I and my students have not known OneDrive, OneNote but we are used to combining information communication technology and PowerPoint Apps the most useful way to complete the project.

Many of my colleagues have enjoyed PBL but they were afraid of applying to teach students because their ICT were not good. So when the Government’s newspaper and Television Station interviewed me about Project-based learning, I answered and wanted to tell them about that “Please apply ICT in the most suited way to teach Project-based learning”. Because “Great things start from the normal things!”


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