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Erliza Matacot and Nam Ngo Thanh: MIE- More Than What You Think


by Nam Ngo Thanh and Erliza Matacot
Expert Educator Columnists, Vietnam and Philippines

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

This adage from a French author and a Nobel Prize winner in Literature André Gide may be best applied to all educators who want to sail their own ship in seeking for the best education. With the rapid development of the society, approach in education has also changed. Thus, teachers and students should not be left behind and should be courageous in embracing the changes brought by the new generation.

800 educators from different countries around the globe, trying to cruise their vessels with technology and enhancing their professional knowledge and skills, met together in one ocean and became Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts. There, they are tasked to be sailed in one ship together, share to each other what they know, learn the things what they don’t know and experience the journey of the real innovative educators.

Being selected as MIE Experts is not an easy job. These educators need to attend the monthly connection calls set for them by Microsoft. Knowing that they come from different countries, they also have different time-zones. Others need to wake up as early as they can just to attend the call while the others are obliged to stay awake at night just to be updated with the new trends of Microsoft Education. Other than that, they need to perform duties as MIE Experts, but not leaving behind doing different roles in their own workplace. While trying to exchange ideas in applying the new ICT tools introduced by Microsoft, and collaborating to other educators around the globe, they still need to teach their students, to do their lesson plans, to attend different non-ICT related seminars, to be an emcee in the school’s program and many more.

It may sound exhausting tasks for these people but they are not complaining for anything else. In fact, all of them are really proud and feel blessed being given with this kind of opportunities. For they know that what they are doing is not only for their own sake but also for their schools, for their other co-teachers and for their students as well.

But it is not yet of what we think. What makes it more amazing with these MIE Experts is that these people found their new family. A big family holding each other’s hands for one big purpose- building better education. Imagine, they come from different races, different cultures and different traditions. But they learned to value and appreciate one another and have one voice together. Moreover, new strong friendship and trust among the MIE Experts are also built. Some are not only discussing about the technology and about education but they are also sharing their interests, hobbies and even private life to their new found trusted friends.

We, Nam Ngo Thanh and Erliza Leosala Mataco, the authors of this article, want to share to everyone that through Microsoft, we built our special friendship that we promise not to last. Thus, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to Microsoft for without it, we may not cross our paths. We also want to give thanks to every MIE Experts for unselfishly sharing their knowledge and expertise in the field of ICT. You are all amazing!

This simple sway has been created by Erliza as a simple token of her gratitude to all MIE Experts

We may be now sailing in the same ship right now but soon we will cruise again into different oceans with so much courage and determination and we are hoping that the good times and good memories that we have shared together will last in our hearts forever.

Erliza Matacot

Erliza Matacot

Nam Ngo Thanh

Nam Ngo Thanh



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