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Kurt Söser: My Microsoft EduCast Experience


by Kurt Söser, MIE Expert Columnist  

First of all: Thanks to all the people and fellow teachers and friends who have joined the Microsoft Educator Webcast on Tuesday, 11th of November. I read a lot of familiar names and I am still thrilled by this event, although some small things went wrong…

I was expecting that my presentation on Office Mix should be at the end of the Webinar, but instead I was placed second, so I could not rely on Tim’s presentation, but I think the audience got my ideas. So here is the recording of the Webcast and you can rewatch it. You just have to register (for free) and you can watch the Educast:

Registration Page Microsoft Educast

For those who want to get more infos on Office Mix, feel free to go to or rewatch this short Office Mix, which I created for the event:

Another great thing that was mentioned in this Educast are the Bing lesson plans. I have not tried that lesson plans, so I will look into it in the future, but the at first glance I saw, that this is not available in Austria. In addition I was overwhelmed by all the Social Network activities that were and are going on at Facebook and Twitter. BUT I think that there are more teachers out there, who were not reached by this edcuast and its ideas. So let’s spread the word and invite other teachers and educators to attend the upcoming Educast on December, 9th about Collaborative Classrooms: Using O365 to learn together


  1. Hi Kurt, I had joined the webcast and viewed your presentation about Office Mix. Thank you for the session, it was very informative. Though I’ve not been able to download Office Mix(free version) on my system yet but I’m trying to get some help there. As guided by you, I’ve downloaded PowerPoint 13 but i guess I still need some help. Not sure but could you help or connect me with somebody who can help?
    Looking forward to exploring Office Mix – Meenakshi Uberoi

    • Hi there,
      I’ve contacted Tim Richardson from the Microsoft Office Mix team to answer your question– he should be responding soon!

  2. Hello –

    After you install PowerPoint, ensure you have Service Pack 1 (more info at Go to and click on the “Get Office Mix” button. If you’re already logged in, the download will start automatically. Look for the downloaded installer file and run it to complete the install. Once that’s completed, open up PowerPoint and look for the “MIX” tab – you’re all set to explore Office Mix!

    If you need additional support, click “Contact Us” at

    Thank you!

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