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Maja Seguljev: Make Your Own Master Plan of Cooperation!


by Maja Seguljev
Expert Educator Columnist, Serbia

Real life challenge! Have you already created your quarterly plan for support the colleagues, students and parents? Do you have in plan to share your knowledge, to teach your colleagues?

Being MIE and MIEE is great honour. We learn and work a lot. We want to do more, because it can always be done better. We bring a positive and active energy in our collective and among students. We share our ideas over internet. But, can we do much more? Always. Create your cooperation project. Share what you know in your school and in schools in the region. Invite colleagues to cooperate.

WHY? There are important message we are sending while we are cooperating with our colleagues: we are responsible to our colleagues, we are responsible to our school systems from which we have grown, we are responsible to our students. We should help them to realise they can be better. Only with our colleagues we will be able to move forward together, to develop new projects, improving education. To develop school system and encourage people we are working with is our mission.

Ask your students for help. Involve them in projects. They are excellent motivators, both for you and your colleagues.

WHO? You. Invite your colleagues to join you. Design some projects. Encourage colleagues. Show them by example. Allow everyone to come into your world of programs and projects. Let them attend, and it is a big improvement.

WHAT? Share your knowledge. Spread the information. Develop your capabilities together. Ask your students to join you. Design your project in cooperation with your colleagues. It must be based on motivation, creativity, knowledge, experience, information. Create a database on OneNote. Be sure that all information is available to the database. Invite colleagues by email. Create your small team, based on the wish for cooperation and creativity.

HOW? Show some interesting and different way to teach. Encourage, motivate your colleagues. Help them to try. Show them how.   Find the resourses for different type of subjects. Biology – you can offer mind-map for catalogisation, find lapse images of grain growth, History – present for chronological tables, Geography – movies on YouTube about the seasons, Physics – interesting content, languages – virtual dictionaries, Mathematics – visual representations of geometric figures, interesting lectures. Offer interesting sites, describe what teacher can find. Ask your students to investigate and make a list of interesting sites. You will be surprised what they know and what they can find.


Keep on motivating! All the time. Be persistent, ask for cooperators. Show them interesting solutions. Be helpful. Remember, some tips, you use every day, may be extremely valuable to others. So, share your knowledge! Create a balance between your progress, and progress of your colleagues, You should be the person they can always counting on, who want to cooperate and help. Then, we will be the real teacher and the real expert. Expert in human relations.

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