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Marija Petreska: Pinteresting Ideas, Part 1

by Marija Petreska
Expert Educator Columnist, Macedonia

I have a Pinterest Board of my favourite Windows 8 apps that I’ll be writing about in my next columns but I could not start sharing without first introducing my Pinterest lesson ideas. So this is one of three columns on using Pinterest in an English language classroom. Here you can find a Pinterest board of very pintersting articles that have inspired most of my ideas.
Today’s column is on creating a All About Me Pinterest Boards.
All about Me posters are usually created at the beginning of the school year but I thought of some creative activities that you can do on number of occasions. For example announcing the students of the month with the Most Wanted Students Pinterest board, teaching past tenses with My Timeline board, teaching body parts and physical characteristics with Missing Person Announcement pins or at the end of the school year and a lesson on summer vacation with My Passport board.

My Passport Pins
The students will be creating their own passports. The first thing to think about is the visual design. They should think of all the elements that a real passport contains like photo, name, date of birth, sex, birth town and country, maybe fingerprints and stamps. To make it as realistic as it can possibly be you need to find a tool where you can add all these features. A perfect tool for creating a passport is Canva.

Next they need to bring their passports to life by uploading them to Thinglink and adding tags.
1. Photo
Now all passport contain a photo but ours is a passport of the inside me. So ask your students to tag
their mouth with the sentence The things that I most laugh at are…;
their nose to the sentence The things that make me most proud are…;
their eyes to the sentence The things that make me sad are…;
the eyebrows to the sentence The things that scare me most are…;
cheeks to The things I love most…;
and chin to The things that I find most annoying are…;
2. Name
The story of my name activity. This could also be a writing activity but I always prefer to have an audio story to a written one. If you are making an audio story make sure you use SoundCloud or Audioboo since they both can be embedded on your Thinglink photo. Students need to think of the meaning of their name, why were they named so, the name they would have been given had they been the opposite sex, if they like their name and what name  they would have chosen for themselves (encourage them to make up names according to their character)
3. Map
They need to create an online map marking the hospital wing where they were born and tag it to the map on the photo.
4. To finish up they can add a tag to the fingerprint stating one thing that makes them unique, a countdown to their birthday on the clock , and a thing or two they like about being a girl or boy linked on the girl/boy icon (they can even upload photos).
Here is an example

Missing Person Announcement Board
In the original missing person activity students write announcements about each other leaving the name space blank and the rest of the class has to guess who the missing person is. But this is a new version of that activity. Students are encouraged to draw a mind map of what they used to look like (think of hairstyle, height, weight, shoe size, braces, glasses, clothes and accessories…) , favourite activities that they used to have, things that they used to like (films, music, games..), best friends, favourite objects… when they were little. They can use Coogle which is the simplest mind mapping tool.

Now they can write their missing person announcements and they are looking for their old selves. You can use Sway for publishing the announcements.

My Timeline Pins
This is an activity for practicing past tenses. Students will create a timeline posters and pin them in a My Timeline Board. There are a lot of great tools for creating online timelines tools but we need pinning posters and I just may have found a perfect free Pictochart template . And here is an example.

Most Wanted Pin Board
Create a most wanted pinterest board with names and photos of the students and what they are wanted for. They can be most wanted for all the achievements in your class. Here is another tool for creating infographics called There are a lot of free templates that your students can use to create a Most Wanted posters that they’ll later pin.

Map Stories
Pinterest allows you to add pins on the map so why not create a My Map Stories boards. Your students can create short videos of the places they visit and add them to their boards. Here I want to share two new fun apps for creating videos with motion stickers they can use. The first one is nutshell and the second one is vimo

There you have it five ideas for All About Me Pinterest Boards and ten tech tools that will help you creating them. Stay tuned for pintresting ideas part 2 on creating vocabulary pin walls

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