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Nam Ngo Thanh: Tip for Parents and Teachers- Limiting Games and Using the Internet Effectively


by Nam Ngo Thanh
Expert Educator Columnist, Vietnam

Life skills education is one of the essential values at Vietnam Australia International School (VAS), Vietnam and is designed to help students adjust to the changes of natural environment or society to work out the sense of vigilance and to protect them.

Today, the internet and online gaming addictions are seen as problems of the teens in the major metropolitan. Consequence which is easy to realize is the children get involved in the virtual world, neglecting education and external activities. Parents and teachers can help the children to limit their gaming online and know how to use the internet effectively under their guidance.





Should not


Limit games online


* Master daily life and your attitude, don’t let the cyber world seduce you and influence your thoughts

* Enhance participation of healthy activities and good habits every day, do not spend more time for playing games online

– Healthy activities: playing sports, reading, drawing, listening to music, researching, and doing fun activities with friends

– Positive habits: exercise, help parents in house works. * Always let your goals visible to you and try to reach them every day


*Play games online continuously for many hours



* Go to places where people are addicted to online gaming



*Carry your computer in your room without the supervision of the parents

Using the internet effectively


*Determine what you want to access the internet, specify the purpose when you want to access the internet.

*Focus on search relevant keywords

*Set the specified time when using the internet


*Click on the strange file that can cause viruses and can damage the computer


*Click on the unhealthy web (weblogs, online web sex) which will easily be addictive and difficult to heal.



Above are a few of our ideas in limiting games online and using the internet effectively. I hope that it will be useful for all parents, teachers and students.



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