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Sachita Jeeta: Believe the Impossible – My Experience as an MIE Expert 2015


by Sachita Jeeta
Expert Educator Columnist, Mauritius


Great achievement was once impossible for me, until someone set a goal to make it a reality…

sachita-2-1Friday, 7th November 2014, something unbelievable happened. It was around 19hrs when I was checking my email. As usual I started deleting unwanted emails. Soon after, I saw an email “Razan Roberts (Vega Cons….”. I ignored it and said to myself “… all these spammy emails keep coming to my inbox… I’ll delete it later”. I continued reading and deleting my emails when suddenly the one I ignored appeared onto my screen.


To my surprise the word “Microsoft” caught my eyes – Then I said “This is something serious!” I took all my time to read it and kept thinking “was all this true, or am I dreaming”. I read the email again and again and followed the Survey link, joined MIE Expert 2015 Facebook group, downloaded the OneNote Playbook, registered for monthly Connection Call and started following #MIEExpert15 hashtag on Twitter.


New Global Virtual Connections

As an MIE Expert 2015 I got the opportunity to connect virtually with people around the world – India, USA, UAE, Austria, and lots more. Indeed Microsoft is doing a great job to bring together educators from different parts of the globe onto one platform – Microsoft Educator’s Network (formerly known as Partners in Learning Network). This is helping educators to collaborate and share their knowledge and experiences, thus moving to a better teaching and learning environment using technology.

Additionally, both my Facebook and Twitter friend list is growing daily. It is so nice to collaborate with these people and know about their experiences as educators supporting technology in teaching.

Once Upon a Time…

Local Microsoft Office was once a place where I could not even place my feet. I have always got the perception that it was a place only for buying Microsoft products. But as an MIE Expert 2015, I got the priviledge to be there twice from now to meet local PIL Manager, Caroline Koa Wing. She is a person full of innovative thinking concerning education and bringing an inclusive environment for people with disabilities.

Monday, 8th December 2014, selected MIE Expert 2015 for Mauritius had an official meeting with Caroline. This was the day when I met Rushda and Anil (other MIE Expert 2015 for Mauritius). We all had a great time sharing our experiences using technology in teaching and learning. Action plan and innitiatives were set up by us in order to promote technology in education. Therefore, I will be sharing all the work I am doing as an MIE Expert 2015 with you all.

My Appreciation to Microsoft Team


Finally, I would like to share my appreciation to all those people who made my dream come true.

My all-time favorite people from MIE Expert 2015 group:

  • Razan Roberts and Minnia Feng (always ready to help).
  • Kurt Soser (My candy crush for making me love OneNote and OfficeMix. He is my model and I am really inspired by him and the great work he is doing for innovative education).
  • Mike Tholfsen and Marjolein Hoekstra (Guys behind OneNote).
  • Hari Krishna Arya, Shiromi We, Kalpana Kishorekumar, Lakshmanbhai Chaudhari, Champa Rathnayake, Pratima Nayak, Michael Soskil, Koen Timmers and many other MIE Expert. (The list is so long).
  • OfficeMix Team, Office Sway, OneNote (My technology companions).
  • Mr. Anthony Salcito, Vice President Microsoft (The noble man behind the scene. Hoping to meet him personally one day).
  • Finally, all the people I missed. (I know there are lots amongst you guys whom I missed and I would like to appologize for this).


  1. Dear Sachita, my successful path was similar to yours’ since 5th of November 2013 by selecting as a MIEE – 2014. It’s a pleasure and an honor to mention me. Thanks… Great…

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