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Sachita Jeeta- In Search of Emerging Trends in Teaching With Technology


by Sachita Jeeta
Expert Educator Columnist, Mauritius

“New technology is common, new thinking is rare.” – Sir Peter Blake.

This statement clearly refers to the impact technology is making in the lives of all our fellow educators. So as an Expert Educator Columnist, I have titled my column as “Emerging Trends in Educational Field”. It is all about thinking of new ways to bring to life the actual trends in Teaching with Technology. It means to adopt one tool or a range of tools in our daily teaching and learning process. However, same should be used effectively and efficiently. Dedication, Passion and Vision for the future should be of prime importance to educators.

What is Emerging Trends in Educational Field all about?

  • Encouraging teaching 21st Century skills.
  • Sharing ideas on how to make simple tool like magical Microsoft Word by only creating worksheets.
  • How can other Microsoft tools – OfficeMix, OneNote, Bing amongst others be helpful to educators.
  • Adopting technology to teach Special Education Needs (SEN) students.
  • Finding different ways to engage parents and their children in their daily teaching and learning process.

Who I am?

To all there who have never heard about me – either on Facebook or Twitter! My name is Sachita Jeeta, I live in the town of Curepipe, Mauritius, a small island in the Indian Ocean.


I am a ICT Support Officer in the Ministry of Education. Presently, I am working at Union Park Government School and Nouvelle France Government School. Some years back (March 2007 – March 2013), I was an ICT Teacher but now I have been appointed as ICT Support Officer where my main duty is to support both educators and children (6 – 13 years) using ICT tools in their daily teaching and learning. I have really a great passion for technology. I am always researching and experimenting new ways of integrating ICT in Teaching – starting with the creation of worksheets with Microsoft tools, adopting Game-Based Learning and creating a website for educators to share resources.

Preview of worksheets done with Microsoft Word

Preview of worksheets done with Microsoft Word


SEN child doing a Game-Based Learning activity



Technology is my “lucky charm” - Do you want to know why? It’s simply because I have earned so much recognitions. They are:

  • Some years back I earned $100 for ranking first by just posting and replying to threads on IMT Talk.
  • I was ranked 2nd on for my contributions on discussions forums for the course “Emerging Trends and Technologies in the Virtual K-12 Classroom”.
  • I was honored to receive a special award from the Open University of Mauritius for participating in the blended MOOC on “Emerging Trends and Technologies in the Virtual K-12 Classroom”. – From University of California, Irvine and Coursera, with the collaboration of Open University of Mauritius and the U.S. Embassy.


sachita-5Few weeks back I received an email from Razan Roberts with title “You have been selected – Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert 2015″. I was flabbergasted

What will I be writing in the following weeks?

  • As the title of my column “Emerging Trends in Educational Field” say it all, I will be writing about:
  • So with this much appreciation I am grateful to God and my well-wishers for blessing me with success.
  • My experience as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert 2015.
  • Why I started my website New Tech Primary Resources?
  • Seminar I conducted on “Online Resources for Teaching and Learning” at the Open University of Mauritius for educators few months ago.
  • My first learning activity –  Handwriting practice worksheets for Foundation Year 1
  • My second learning activity –  Special Education Needs – Memory Game For An Autist Child
  • My third learning activity –  Engaging Parents In Their Child Teaching & Learning Process

So this is my first post at Microsoft Official blog for the Microsoft Educator Network. Last but not least, I will say, Stay tuned! And wait for my next story “My experience as an MIE Expert 2015″.

I will also give insights of what I will be doing during the course of year 2015.

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