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Sachita Jeeta: Why Did I Start My Website New Tech Primary Resources?


by Sachita Jeeta
Expert Educator Columnist, Mauritius

“As educators we should help facilitate goals and help cast a vision for students that will, not only, stretch their immaginations, but also their beliefs regarding what is possible.” – Sam Pabon

New Tech Primary Resources is a newly developed website. I am still planning how to make the website simple and user-friendly, thus, making it easily accessible to everyone. The website caters for creating, designing and sharing of educational resources to educators and primary schools of Mauritius. Once set up, I planned to make it internationally recognizable where I want to help other educators globally. New Tech Primary Resources is offering its service through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and YouTube where the contents are shared worldwide.

Image source: *preview of the actual website –

Why I started New Tech Primary Resources?

Consequenly, with the introduction of “Sankoré Project” few years back in Mauritius, almost all classrooms of our primary schools are being equipped with multimedia projectors and laptops. Educators have to use these technnologies to create a better learning environment and hence making students love to learn.

Therefore, the purpose behind New Tech Primary Resources is to cater for the production of educational resources that can be used with the technologies available. This innovative solution will help educators engage students in the daily learning environment.

The only mission of building this website is to delight students and educators with innovative teaching and learning tools. It also efforts to accelerate students’ achievements. Thus, transforming the current teaching and learning process.

What is Open – Sankoré?


Image source: Bing Image

Open-Sankoré is an open-source free interactive whiteboard software. It is a program that immitates the traditional blackboard or greenboard.


however-it-comesHowever, it comes with enhanced features like

  • Sounds and videos can be embedded.
  • Flash files can also be uploaded on this software.
  • Some default audios, movies, pictures, animations, interatives, applications, shapes, and much more.

Visit to learn more about Open-Sankoré.

It is with this software that educators are expected to use the interactive projector and laptop in their classroom. There is a team who develop content based on the curriculum but to most educators these are not sufficient. This is where I come into action. I have decided to create this website in order to give a helping hand to educators as they have a huge syllabus to complete and barely have time to create their own resources.

How is New Tech Primary Resources Organized?

Managing the website is very simple as the it is owned and monitored by a single person, ME! I am always trying to bring specific as well as valuable skills to the newly anticipated venture. Presently, the tasks involved are designing and creation of educational contents, sharing of same on the website and on social networks.

Furthermore, once the website was set up, I started in creating “Handwriting Practice Worksheets” which target educators teaching Foundation Year One students, also referrred to as Standard One.


Image source: Preview of Worksheets created using Microsoft Word and uploaded on the website

Having achieved success with the worksheets, I went one step further in searching for online resources. There consisted of educational website links, offering open learning contents. Educators could use these with the technology available in their classrooms.

Future Vision of New Tech Primary Resources

  • Create widgets for Open-Sankoré software.
  • Create creative educational apps for smartphones and tablets based on both Android and iPhone OS.
  • Adopting Microsoft tools like Sway, OfficeMix, OneNote amongst others to build resources I plan to create.

Referring to my Tweets.


I end up with this Quote “We need to prepare students for their future, not our past.” – Ian Jukes


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