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Shiroma Weerathunge: I Use OneNote to Inspire Learning


by Shiroma Weerathunge
Expert Educator Columnist, Sri Lanka

The teachers in 21st century are leaving from “Chalk & Talk” methods and move to the child centered learning allowing students learn themselves. Today teacher has become a guide who shows the correct path and way to go. If a teacher can inspire students learning with technology they will be exiting to learn with enthusiasm. Today inspirational teachers use Microsoft OneNote to inspire students’ learning.

OneNote is a digital notebook that would allow teachers to organize web articles, videos and other content in one location. This is a very helpful application for teachers to teach with technology as well as learn too.

I use OneNote to inspire learning. OneNote is a framework for teaching and learning. I’m using OneNote very often in my classroom activities like Project Based Learning. With PBL activities it is very interesting and powerful way to teach and guide my students. In my Project Based Learning activities I use OneNote giving instructions to guide my students and ask them to submit their research or project reports using OneNote.


Before a lesson it is very important that the teacher is being well organized. So, teacher can organize learning materials and teaching aids regarding the lesson. To keep track of online resources, a teacher could use web based bookmarking tool or an application like Microsoft OneNote. OneNote is a platform for sharing lessons, editing and corrections. OneNote can be used as a repository of resources that can consistently update and modify.

I use OneNote for my classroom lessons to organize teaching and learning resources. After that I share the OneNote notebooks in Microsoft OneDrive with my colleagues and students. Then those teachers can access and edit the notebooks. Students can do further studies, poll for the quizzes. Then they can test their knowledge before the tests or exams.  Sharing notebooks is very helpful to learn for the students who missed the lessons and they can access for the shared notebooks from any device.

To create opportunities for discussion, teacher could create a collaborative web page using OneNote on a shared online storage space like windows live skydrive and share the web address with the class. Teacher can invite other teachers to join the page as contributors so they can create and edit content, upload resources, and communicate with each other. Students who missed the lesson can catch up on the content by accessing their teachers’ uploaded presentations. These may also be used for revision before the exams.

ICT might support students with different needs. So that for the learning difficulties students like with dyslexia can use OneNote to,

  • Take notes faster
  • Record audio and video notes
  • Use visual cues for organizing and remembering information.
  • Use outlines and templates.
  • Use the spellchecker, dictionaries and thesaurus


According to the Bloom’s Taxonomy revised version, it provides a way to organize thinking skills into six levels, from the most basic to the more complex levels of thinking.

  • Remembering
  • Understanding
  • Applying
  • Analyzing
  • Evaluating
  • Creating


OneNote can be used with some ICT activities perfectly in these Bloom’s levels. In the Bloom’s level, “remembering” OneNote can be used with the recitation activities.The Bloom’s level, “Evaluating” OneNote can be used with the ICT activities like Debate or Panel Discussion, Critical Commenting, Moderating, Reviewing or Posting etc. Like wise project management and plan activities can do in the level of creating.

In The Bloom’s digital taxonomy it has mentioned many digital tools to develop skills. So, teacher can organize the lesson with possible ICT activities with technology using digital tools.

Today OneNote is a more powerful tool in the classroom. I would like to say that it’s a more powerful tool I have ever encountered. So, I love to use OneNote in my classroom teaching to enhance and inspire, learning and teaching in an innovative way.

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