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News Flash: Collaborate in the Classroom with new Skype Document Chat in Office Online


by Minnia Feng, MSEN Community Manager

In today’s digital classroom, collaboration is key to cross-pollinating ideas and building essential teamwork skills. Many of you and your students are already using Office Online to create amazing work, while using Skype to communicate with friends and family from around the world. Now, the two come together in Skype document chat - with this free tool, you can go beyond the existing real time co-authoring feature to chat directly within the document you’re working on.


Whether you’re working with another teacher to finalize a lesson plan, giving live feedback to your students about an essay, or having your students work together on a science presentation, the Skype document chat feature makes communication and collaboration seamless. Here are the details:

  • Document chat is available when collaborating with others in real-time in Word and PowerPoint. Simply click the Chat button to begin chatting with everyone working in the document.
  • Continue to chat with those same people after leaving the document via Skype on your desktop or phone. Know when your team is working on the document and chime in.

This feature will be rolled out over the next few weeks at www.office.com, so get ready to try it out!

We’re asking educators- when do you think this tool will be helpful for you in your everyday teaching activities? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Fatastic news! It is getting hotter:) Technology never stops to amaze us:)
    Well, I think that can be helpful in common projects between teachers, so rathar than meeting face to face now this can be done each in his place. The evaluation of students’ work is also made easier. That can save time in the actual lesson, so rathar than spending 10mins to explain to students their mistakes, that can be done online now, and when they come to the class, they will look to other things.
    If using PP to create a presentaton, teacher and students can check the progress of the work and any change can be done during the chat. In this way the final product will be done quicker and more accurate.
    Let’s wait and see how this will be:) I am excited to try it, then more feedback will come.
    ‪#‎MSFTEDU‬ ‪#‎MIEExpert15‬

    • Love your ideas, Walid! Agreed, it’s exciting also that the student can respond actively to feedback wherever the teacher and student happen to be, so it’s more of a two-way dialogue :) Hope you like it when you try it!

  2. Kok Boon says

    This is definitely great feature. May I know if this is also available for onedrive for business in office 365 education A2 plan. As all my students and staff are on this plan. Thank you.

  3. It’s very amazing as well as exciting news. So far as my views are concerned, this technology will be very useful to the student’s as well as the teacher to create live classrooms. The teacher will be acknowledged lively with the students project work and their implementations. The student’s can do online presentations to their educators and will get reforms and advices regarding their projects so that the students’ and the teacher can save their time and energy. This technology will be a new boon for all the sphere of the world. And the interactive system of exchanging the documents, the feeling of collaboration and the sense of co-operation will be achieved and developed.
    I am in a hurry to experience this technology as soon as possible.

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