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School Snapshot: Daegu Joongang Middle School


School: Daegu Joongang Middle School

Location: Daegu, Korea (Metropolitan)

Type of School: Private

Levels of Schooling: Secondary

Number of Students: 508

Number of Teachers: 41

Number of Classrooms: 18

Website: http://www.ja.ms.kr/index.do

MIE Expert: Mr. Yong Jin Lee (15 Years of Teaching, Ethics Education & Computer Training

How is technology used to create conditions for 21st century learning to occur?

Using Office 365, Powerpoint, Excel and Onenote in classes and the Principal will try to support excellent classes for his students.

It has been a positive result using the Microsoft systems to make more effective collaboration possible among students, teachers and the school community.

Why have you been successful in leading improvement at your school?

A Tradition of Innovation

All of the members of our school, from administration to teachers to students have an eagerness to adapt to the future, and we have the confidence to act on this eagerness.

  • After the Korean War, commercial proficiency, such as typewriting and accounting, was essential to building a successful future for Korea. Our school opened in 1952 with that innovative mission for the time.
  • But as the needs of society changed, our school transitioned to become an academic school to ensure that students could still succeed in today’s society.
  • Now we are preparing for the next generation of education by developing a new mission, which is to develop healthy 21st century learners, who can create, collaborate and globally participate using information technology.

How is professional learning organized at your school? What is the role of the principal, key staff, teaching staff and others in the organization?

The school provides students with customized learning which has improved students’ collaboration through an ‘activities-based curriculum’ featuring our Project Based Learning class. In this class, the teacher encourages students to use IT to accomplish a collaborative goal.

Teachers make their creative classes through rebuilding PBL classes. They have prepared to teach these classes by engaging in consulting sessions with other teachers and school based supervision while also participating in M.S workshops, subject learning communities and lectures led by education experts.

Classrooms at work

Classrooms at work


English classroom


English Zone

learning space

Library/Learning Zone


Entrance to Library


The leadership team at Daegu Joongang Middle Schol


Mathematics classroom


Science classroom

leadership-culture-of-innovation principalvision

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