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School Snapshot: Landesschule Pforta, Germany

Exterior of school

School: Landesschule Pforta

Location: Naumburg, Germany

Type of School: Government

Levels of Schooling: Secondary, Boarding School, Special Gifted Students

Number of Students: 300

Number of Teachers: 43

Number of Classrooms: 28

Website: www.landesschule-pforta.de

MIE Experts: 1.) Thomas Dahnke, Expert Educator 2014 and MIE Expert 2015, STEM; 2.) Frank Kisser, Expert Educator 2015, English and History; 3.) Frauke Amberg, Expert Educator 2015, English, Spain and Russian

How is learning supported in and out of the classroom?

The learning is supported in and outside the classroom through good educational ideas, concepts and projects. Engineering and technologies allow a more or less good implementation. Projects will only be successful by the teacher and his didactic and methodological skills!

School Snapshot Profile

In each September and January in Schulpforta will be conducted days of “open house”. Here parents, but especially pupils may have a look in school and boarding, can visit information sessions, can take a look at existing pedagogic practice and they can speak with teachers and students of Landesschule Pforta and ask questions.

The trump card in the Pforta teaching consists in the Triassic: a solid basic education, a gifted education in the three special branches – music, science and languages – and special social skills, particularly evolved by a special boarding school strategy, based on student-self-education.

Just as it is important for economy and society to get all sides trained personalities, the outstanding tradition of education on the one hand and a stringent development of modern education on the other hand at the Landesschule Pforta stand for the base of successful design of the personal future.

Friedrich Nietzsche (alumnus portensis 1858-1864) stands for an outstanding tradition. The 1st Runner Up (category “Educator as Innovator and Change Agent”) 2014 in Barcelona of the Expert Educator 2014 and deputy headmaster of Landesschule Pforta stands for innovation. Both together gives a convincing mixture for parents and future students .


Exterior of school

A modern classroom in the school

A modern classroom in the school


Hallways of school


Courtyard of school


Music room



Leadership & Culture of Innovation

  • The vision of the Landesschule Pforta is that we are with outstanding reputation as a special presence-school the center of a global blended learning network. In this position we will make an important contribution to give young talents better working career and life prospects. In this case we’ve developed the Blended-Learning-Program called “EduReset – Pforta 2020″. Like many successful pilot projects have shown, the program strategies are functioning. Their basis is a so-called “educational Trojans,” a learning program on a topic that is loved by almost all young people, because it is clearly in the trend of this target group. Some exercises and applications are deliberately designed so that the participants of the program they like to do. Because of that, they love to show the result in their typical communities. In addition to the motivational character in relation to these young people, we want to reach a viral effect to the other, the friends of our student (marketing strategy in self-perpetuating function). Other exercises and applications are topics that have academic roots. Thus allow unnoticed to generate approach to school learning (Trojan horse effect) in our target groups.
  • I think, the program idea has been successful in leading improvement not only at our school, but also in other pilot-schools, because of the proximity to the lives of young people.

Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

  • The focus is on innovative pedagogy which should prepare young people for their professional and social life – so, in the center of development are the 21st Century Skills. The program “EduReset – Pforta 2020″ also ensure that gifted students in grades 5-8 want to go to the 9th grade to the Landesschule Pforta. Such a program with its function as a “pedagogical Trojan” can not be brought to the target groups without technology. It is also about participation regardless of place and time, about the possibilities of cooperation and communication at all levels. But it is more, much more, because of the high demand for personalization of learning and working processes to ensure maximum flexibility of the educational processes. So we need techniques (Notebooks, LAN-Structures, Internet, audio and video devices etc.), special learning environments (Learning-Management-Systems, Office 365 etc.), Software (Office, special learning Software, content systems etc.).
  • Students of the science branch learn for example in computer science 3D programming, based on a specially prepared curriculum, made by Mr. Dahnke . These skills are not only attractive to young people, study institutions and potential employers. They are particularly interesting, because in special tutorials (implemented in the Learning Management System) skills are applied, so that the students can acquire their scientific knowledge and skills better and with the aspect of immediate usage.
  • Our partners – universities, institutes and enterprises – are able to see in the learning management system. They can observe how our students can solve problems. They can get help. By this way, we can create a new form of coaching.

Capacity Building

  • Explanation with an example: The Grade 11 students can attend a weekly educational practicum at study and research facilities. Parallel to the support by the scientific staff of the facilities there is a “support teacher” of the Landesschule Pforta. As Deputy headmaster of a boarding school Mr. Dahnke has little time and even then only very irregularly. The support of his students and all contacts with the institutions based therefore on courses in an Learning Management System, hosted by himself. Currently, he is going to transfer this activity and the corresponding content systems in its Office 365 environment. The aim is to make available the beautiful possibilities of placements in the form of a blended-learning project also students from other schools . Especially interesting is, that all options from this systems are transferable on school management.
  • The year 2015 will be the starting year for the program – it’s “EduReset 2020 Pforta”. The main content and organizational foundations have already been applied in the Moodle environment by Mr Dahnke (Expert Educator 2014 MIE Expert 2015). Other sub-projects in addition to his own are in the initialization phase and arranged already with the support teachers (Mr. Kisser and Mrs. Amberg, both of them Expert Educator 2015). The preparations can be completed in 2014. 2015 the project group “EduReset – Pforta 2020″, led by Mr. Dahnke, will show with the Landesschule Pforta, that gifted education not only works for high performance, but especially for gifted Underachiever.

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