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School Snapshot: Tuzla Doga College, Turkey


This is the first in a series of weekly “School Snapshots,” where we will give you a peek into innovative schools and classrooms from around the world. A classroom is an insightful look into what the life of a student looks like in different corners of the world. It’s a reflection of the educational beliefs, initiatives, and different levels of technological innovation present at these institutions that nurture the hearts and minds of each country’s future citizens.

These Showcase Schools represent exemplary use of technology in education– we hope you are inspired by their innovation, fascinated by their stories, and will learn something from this journey around classrooms of the world we will be taking on What’s Fresh.


School: Duzla Doga College

Location: Istanbul (Metropolitan)

Type of School: Private

Levels of Schooling: Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary, High School

Number of Students: 343

Number of Teachers: 44

Number of Classrooms: 42

Website: http://www.dogakoleji.com/eng

MIE Expert: Aysenur Isbilen

If potential parents visited your schools, we tell them: Our difference from the other schools is the way we teach how to use technology and develop technology for learning. For example our students have a rocket club, and they are learning sketch up programme and now they can make small rocket parts in 3d printer.

Our vision is: Tuzla Doğa College interactive digital media has provided a learning environment because we focus on the needs of our students and our century. İt’s important that the World is changing but if we don’t innovate our school we can’t catch the time and stay in little borders.

3d printer activity

Students participate in a 3D printer activity.

doga- experience center & intel museum

Experience Center and Intel Museum in the school.


The IT Lab at Doga.

doga-legorobotic class activity

A visit by the General Assistant Manager of Microsoft Education in Microsoft General Manager (Education) Mark East, Microsoft Turkey General Manager Anıl Çekiç, PPP.Business Development Manager Buğra Karabey, while students are the Lego Robotic Activity in Tuzla Doga College

external view

An exterior view of the school

math activity class

The math activity class presents a new approach to STEM education.

xbox activity area

The Xbox activity area where students learn actively


Students partake in an Xbox educational game activity




  1. Bozena Kraj says

    I have been to Stanbul lately. A great city. It can be proud of such schools like yours. I think it is the school of XXII century. Congratulations.

  2. Very captivating! i wish we have such an ambiance for learning. Your school snapshot is inspiring and i believe its very educators dream to work in a school that has this type of ambiance.

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