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Tammy Dunbar: Can I Sway You to Blog?

by Tammy Dunbar Expert Educator Columnist, USA Outdoor School (aka Science Camp) is an amazing experience for students in the fifth and sixth grades: hiking along redwood trails with banana slugs or tide pools with colorful sea anemones, learning about precious ecosystems, practicing teamwork in cabin groups and singing joyful campfire songs for five whole days. But the hardest part about convincing parents their students should participate in this incredible life-changing experience is the fact their students are gone for five whole days. One great solution to making parents comfortable enough to allow their students to attend Outdoor School is for the teacher going with the students to blog from camp. Most Outdoor Schools have wireless internet available (at least in the administration cabin), so all a teacher has to do is bring a camera and a computer (or just a smart phone) and spend a little time after lights out to post their blog and pictures. We just returned from five incredible days at San Joaquin Outdoor School in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains …