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Bozena Kraj: Classical Music Makes Us Fly High in Project Based Learning

by Bozena Kraj Expert Educator Columnist, Poland Project Based Learning, which is learning through experience, should be full of activities which let us our students gain knowledge in an exciting and practical way. Those challenging tasks could be one, two or three dimensional. And the truth is that as long as my students use music as the part of our projects, their work should be regarded as three dimensional. It means that these activities influence my students in an effective way, developing their talents, imagination and sensitivity, opening them to what “cannot be expressed into words and which cannot remain silent,” as Victor Hugo once wrote. No matter if it is a mixture of maths and music; history and music; English and music, singing, composing, playing the instruments, even as a background activity – all of them make sense, creating something special in our tasks: elusive and sophisticated atmosphere which develops imagination and raises our project expectations to higher levels of artistic expression. Our experience with classical music began with a project connected with Frederic …


Bozena Kraj: In Nature’s Footsteps with Project Based Learning

by Bozena Kraj Expert Educator Columnist, Poland Project Based Learning connected with botany seems to be a kind of a school adventure, which opens our eyes to what is around us, or let us discover even what is hidden deep inside the school world of science: unrecognizable beauty of biological phenomena. We cannot experience that without great emotions of joy, and such moments stay in our memory forever. I cannot refrain myself from quoting Sir Joseph Paxton, a British MP, a gardener and an architect who wrote “If we range through the whole territory of nature […], we shall not find a more refined or purer source of amusement, or a more interesting and unfailing subject for recreation, than that which the observation and examination of the structure, affinities, and habits of plants afford. “


Bozena Kraj: Step by Step with History and ICT in Project Based Learning

by Bozena Kraj Expert Educator Columnist, Poland When I look back upon my life, I get aware how much my students and I appreciate project based learning and how immense its didactic role in our school daily life is. Whatever the topic of the project is – all the interdisciplinary subject areas of PBL open us to the world – its present, past and the future, with all the branches of world knowledge we are interested in. It seems that PBL has always made a big difference in well planned didactic processes, and resulted in tangible  achievements both didactic and pedagogical ones. Why? The answer is easy. It is efficient: knowledge – and student –centered; what’s more, as learners are ICT users – teachers and PBL cannot be behind the curve, therefore ICT tools are widely used to reinforce and attract the strength of educational tasks. The point is that the role of educators in this process appears really significant. According to Bill Gates “Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working …


Bozena Kraj: Project Based Learning and Curiosity – Practice Makes Perfect

by Bozena Kraj Expert Educator Columnist, Poland As a Polish teacher working for a school, which is called a gymnasium (students are 13 -16 years old), I really appreciate Project Based Learning. A few years ago, obligatory school educational projects were introduced to secondary schools in my country. The educational rule says a student has to do at least one registered project during his/her three years at gymnasium; however, it seems that what is obligatory does not look as attractive as a project which is voluntary. Is it controversial to repeat after Confucius “Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire?” How do we make our students understand that school-imposed activities can bear good fruit? Our autonomous students have freedom to choose what their project is about – it is a decisive moment when their attitude towards new challenges becomes enthusiastic. Moreover, since 2008 my students and I have been working on eTwinning projects which connect schools, teachers and students from Europe, Africa, Asia to collaborate using ICT, educate with ICT, integrate …


Bozena Kraj: Knowledge in Action- Our Paths of ICT

by Bozena Kraj Expert Educator Columnist, Poland I have always wanted to do something exciting, something creative, something artistic. As a girl I was taught to play the old piano my grandma had; I really liked drawing and painting and I loved writing compositions because I dreamt of being a journalist. In fact, I decided to follow in the footsteps of my mum, who was a teacher. And the best of all – she was loved by her students. Since the beginning of my school career, the role of a teacher has changed, although this feeling of being liked by students cannot be compared with anything else – it is simply the most important. Nowadays, I seem to be also an instructor and a mentor, not just an English language teacher. And these changes came with ICT. About 9 years ago I got the first Smartboard at my school, and for me and my students – it was the proper start for a “bright future”. To sum up those moments I would say: “Every beginning …