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Koen Timmers: Office Sway- Create, Present, and Share

by Koen Timmers Expert Educator Columnist, Belgium Sway and I, it was love at first sight. As a teacher, I saw educational opportunities and as a web designer, I instantly loved its ease of use. Sway offers the opportunity to create trendy onepagers in the blink of an eye. The attractive user-interface ensures a fast result. Sway is a webapp; this means you don’t need to install software, don’t need to constantly hit save, yet still have access to your sways at all places. No more resizing images or putting them in place– Sway takes care of it all. What’s even more exciting is Sway will soon also be available as an app! This page will also give you a quick overview of the app. How exactly do we position Sway? Can we call it a website, a presentation, or perhaps something else? David Alexander, member of the Sway team at Microsoft, explains: