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Guest Blog: Our Visit to Microsoft’s Danish Headquarters

by Mette Hauch’s English Class Hellerup Skole, Denmark It all started a little over a month ago, after an ordinary English class when our English teacher, Mette, approached us saying something like, “Can I speak to you for a minute?” which, of course set off an alarm clock in at least half our heads. However it turned out to be something quite harmless, in fact even a little interesting. Mette wanted our help, for a translating project during English class. From then on we’d be working with some learning skills, translating them to “student language”, obviously an upgrade from the Lets Do It book- a far more motivational work alternative. By the end of the process, what we then thought would be about 2 weeks; we should’ve produced a film explaining the six skills at eye level with other students. The start was a bit slow; after all we had 44 pages of vast text in “adult” language to get through. As a side note, we’d started making our own examples, in the same format …