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Mark Sparvell: Innovation Hunter 6- Port Said, Egypt

by Mark Sparvell School Leader Program Director, Microsoft Hello leaders and learners! Continuing my journey across the globe and capturing the voices, images and insights from some of our amazing Microsoft Innovative Expert Educations and the leaders in the inspiring Showcase Schools. If you haven’t been following my journey on twitter, might like to add @sparvell to your follows. SEVEN WONDERS OF THE EDUCATION WORLD: Port Said, Egypt Date: February 2015 Location: Port Said, Egypt Distance from home: 6839.3 Miles (11006.8 Kilometers / 5939.2 Nautical Miles) The early morning drive from my hotel on the Giza Plateau towards Cairo was breathtaking. The sun, through the haze reflecting rose gold on the pyramids, coaxing activity into the street vendors as they stockpiled oranges for sale. Port Said, a bustling vibrant city, is a couple of hundred kilometers from Cairo and was established 1859 as a base to house workers engaged in the construction of the Suez Canal. I enjoyed the experience in the afternoon of a short ferry rise across Suez from the continent of Africa to …