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Bridget Crooks: Can You Change Your Presentation Style? Challenge Accepted!

by Bridget Crooks Expert Educator Columnist, New Zealand Part of my teaching job is presenting workshops to staff and students. Each term I typically run two sessions a week – covering everything from using Outlook effectively to using social media in the classroom. I try lots of different things to attract teachers and students to these workshops – and admit that towards the end of the term I get tired and run out of energy to impart the amazing things that technology can do in our classrooms. I was thinking about how better to reach my audience this year when I saw a challenge laid down on Yammer. Asking us to reconsider how we interact with our audience and think about presenting outside of the square. I am aware that sometimes we all need to reinvigorate what we do – not only for our audiences, but to re excite ourselves also. So this term I have started to use three different presentation ideas – ideas that have seen engagement rise and my work load lighten …


Meenakshi Uberoi: My Tryst With Technology

by Meenakshi Uberoi Expert Educator Columnist, India My tryst with technology goes almost a decade back, when Microsoft announced the ‘Innovative Teachers Leadership Award 2005’ in India, more specifically in our school. I was instantly drawn to it, as it catered to my need of the hour – to carve a niche for myself amongst the highly capable, experienced and qualified teachers. Though I am and have always been a technology enthusiast who loves to work with the latest in technology, this platform brought out the best of me. While preparing for this competition, Microsoft PowerPoint has been a game changer. It helped me create captivating and interactive sessions that were information-packed and grabbed my students’ attention instantly. When I explained the concept of photosynthesis to my 4th graders using PowerPoint, it helped them visualize the concept and develop a better understanding of a phenomenon that cannot be seen or experienced otherwise. This was only the beginning; PowerPoint then became a medium of expression for me. It aided explaining and showcasing concepts that were otherwise …