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Nam Ngo Thanh: My Flipped Classroom

 by Nam Ngo Thanh Expert Educator Columnist, Vietnam Technology is important part of my work in the classroom. I have always looking for new ways to teach. So, after the workshop of a fellow in Vietnam – MS Quyen To, I decided to try this new approach in teaching process in my classroom. What is flipped classroom? Teachers made the video about the theory and basic exercises, share it over the Internet, so the students can look at it before lecture itself, so the time in class can be devoted to the questions of students, doing exercises or discussion of knowledge. What are advantages of Flipped Classroom? + The role of teacher is changed. He guide his students through exploring the lesson, encourage them, support and help them to develop their ideas. Students are getting knowledge through active roles. They are not passive any more. +Teacher also change their approach – they don’t just send informations, they become intelectual leaders. + Teachers are motivated to experiment, to get new experiences in class, they also learned with their students. + It allows teachers to use the time of the class better, working directly with students. +It helps students to think about the most …


Meenakshi Uberoi: My Tryst With Technology

by Meenakshi Uberoi Expert Educator Columnist, India My tryst with technology goes almost a decade back, when Microsoft announced the ‘Innovative Teachers Leadership Award 2005’ in India, more specifically in our school. I was instantly drawn to it, as it catered to my need of the hour – to carve a niche for myself amongst the highly capable, experienced and qualified teachers. Though I am and have always been a technology enthusiast who loves to work with the latest in technology, this platform brought out the best of me. While preparing for this competition, Microsoft PowerPoint has been a game changer. It helped me create captivating and interactive sessions that were information-packed and grabbed my students’ attention instantly. When I explained the concept of photosynthesis to my 4th graders using PowerPoint, it helped them visualize the concept and develop a better understanding of a phenomenon that cannot be seen or experienced otherwise. This was only the beginning; PowerPoint then became a medium of expression for me. It aided explaining and showcasing concepts that were otherwise …


Andy Li: A Perfect Assistant to Your Flipped Classroom (English and Chinese)

by Andy Li Expert Educator Columnist, Hong Kong Flipped Classroom has been a very hot topic in education. Many teachers have tried to implement such a new approach in school. It could help teachers achieve something that has long been difficult to achieve: student-centric learning and self-directed learning models. To flip your classroom, you must use technology tools to assist. There are several factors for consideration. First, students are required to watch or read from home the materials prepared by teachers. The most common pre-lesson materials are short video clips broadcast through YouTube or other learning platforms. Second, students are trained for self-discipline as they need to remind themselves to learn at home. Third, students will have to evaluate themselves right after watching or reading the materials so that their understanding of the material is tested. The evaluation data will be stored for teachers to refer and follow up.