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Hari Krishna Arya: My Journey in Learning ICT

by Hari Krishna Arya Expert Educator Columnist, India “Every time you overcome a challenge, it will lift you up, build you strong and make it easier for you to overcome your next trial.” This is the beauty of challenges and I strongly believe in this. This always motivate me to do something new and unique. Here is my story of facing challenges and overcoming them. I have been very passionate to use innovative practices in teaching and always wanted to do something new and exciting. My journey of learning ICT is also much exciting as well as very interesting. This journey started when I was holding the post of Principal in a big school. I was much eager to procure computers in my school, but non availability of funds was the major constraint. In 1997 my efforts bore fruits when my school was selected for running a Computer Literacy and Study Scheme. This was a government sponsored scheme to promote computer literacy in schools. Under this scheme one Pentium-1 and four dumb terminals with a …