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Andy Li: Coding for Kids Made Easy with Kodu

by Andy Li Expert Educator Columnist, Hong Kong Is it necessary for kids to learn how to code? Kids Coding has been a hot topic especially in ICT, education and even among parents. Programming or coding used to be regarded as alien languages and seldom chosen by students in school. People always make fun of programmers for being nerdy with thick glasses. So why is coding suddenly becoming popular and many countries becoming more eager to drive in schools? From the birth of tablet devices and smartphones from 5 years ago, huge impacts have been made not only to IT industry but also the popularity and the use of electronic devices. Before they were invented, electronic devices were used by only a small and prestigious group of people and usually designed for IT experts. Nowadays, everyone including kids and even elderlies have their own portable electronic devices and developed habits of using apps to handle daily activities such as work, internet search, communication and entertainment. IT industry is not limited to a website or concept …


Andy Li: My e-School Bag– OneNote

by Andy Li Expert Educator Columnist, Hong Kong Tablet PCs have become affordable nowadays. This drives e-Learning into a BYOD era. Students are able to obtain large amount of information and absorb knowledge through the Internet with their own personal learning devices. However, a simple, multi-platform and convenient tool is needed to use with their devices for learning so that students can save, consolidate, and share their learning resources with other students and teachers. OneNote can fulfill everything we need. In Windows 8, OneNote as a Windows app has already been installed as default. Students just need to log onto Windows 8 with their Microsoft account to activate the OneNote app. OneNote can also be used on iOS and Android and students can view their notes anytime and anywhere through their smartphones or other tablets. What is OneNote?


Andy Li: A Perfect Assistant to Your Flipped Classroom (English and Chinese)

by Andy Li Expert Educator Columnist, Hong Kong Flipped Classroom has been a very hot topic in education. Many teachers have tried to implement such a new approach in school. It could help teachers achieve something that has long been difficult to achieve: student-centric learning and self-directed learning models. To flip your classroom, you must use technology tools to assist. There are several factors for consideration. First, students are required to watch or read from home the materials prepared by teachers. The most common pre-lesson materials are short video clips broadcast through YouTube or other learning platforms. Second, students are trained for self-discipline as they need to remind themselves to learn at home. Third, students will have to evaluate themselves right after watching or reading the materials so that their understanding of the material is tested. The evaluation data will be stored for teachers to refer and follow up.