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Hari Krishna Arya: My Journey in Learning ICT

by Hari Krishna Arya Expert Educator Columnist, India “Every time you overcome a challenge, it will lift you up, build you strong and make it easier for you to overcome your next trial.” This is the beauty of challenges and I strongly believe in this. This always motivate me to do something new and unique. Here is my story of facing challenges and overcoming them. I have been very passionate to use innovative practices in teaching and always wanted to do something new and exciting. My journey of learning ICT is also much exciting as well as very interesting. This journey started when I was holding the post of Principal in a big school. I was much eager to procure computers in my school, but non availability of funds was the major constraint. In 1997 my efforts bore fruits when my school was selected for running a Computer Literacy and Study Scheme. This was a government sponsored scheme to promote computer literacy in schools. Under this scheme one Pentium-1 and four dumb terminals with a …


Paulina Hernandez: Engage Your Students Through Animation!

by Paulina Hernandez Expert Educator Columnist, Mexico Today I’d like to tell you about the use of animation as a learning method in education. In recent school years I have been working with projects where animation is concern. I have learned with my students about all the good work that it takes, so today I can say that it is an excellent method of learning that goes along with the use of ICT. Why it is an excellent method for learning? To make a meaningful learning about any subject when we teach we must ENGAGE our students. Make an animation with them is a project that involves many factors including: Thinking something to transmit, create a story, characters, conclusion, etc. If we add the use of cameras, use of software for editing video and audio. And once they finish it, they can share it in the web. With this we are talking about a project that itself is an ICT-based product. How does it work?


Bijal Damani: My Tips for Successful ICT Integration

by Bijal Damani Expert Educator Columnist, India Wishing a very happy new year to all! I am Bijal Damani teaching Business to Grade 11-12 students at The Galaxy Education System, Rajkot – India. In my first blog, I am going to talk about four points of why and how teachers should embrace technology in their classroom. During my 15 years of teaching-learning experience, following are my observations about effective integration of technology into classroom. Your lesson plan still matters Being pressurized to use the technology, many teachers start with the technology first. They will have the tool in hand and try to adjust the lesson plan around that tool. This type of adjust usually leads to disaster – with the technology as well as delivering the content. It is very important for all the educators to understand that technology is just providing us the tools which can give deeper experiences to our students compared to other traditional tools. Though picking up right tools is very important, drafting a perfect lesson plan is more important. This …


Champa Rathnayake: Need To Use Technology In The Classroom

by Champa Rathnayake Expert Educator Columnist, Sri Lanka Some decades ago, the teachers get their pupils to use slates to write on. As a pre-school child I used a slate with pencils, which made with slate too. Sometimes it made a screeching sound when it scratches the slate surface. Sand boards are still used to train students the shapes of letters and numbers, in the kindergarten and primary classes. The way that I used them as a pupil, is a memory I still cherish. Even though blackboards and chalk are still in use in our schools, they are gradually being replaced by whiteboards and marker pens. Many people talk about Interactive multimedia projectors and interactive whiteboards in the classroom as well. New computer labs and wireless network facilities are installed in schools. Students are provided with well-equipped classrooms comparing to those of two decades ago. Yet, the student in the present school is always subjected to criticize by the common elder, that student is not like the kid in our good old days. They use …

Team44 Learn-a-thon Presentation.  Presenting here how the students will work on the specific task we set for the learning activity “Poverty:  Causes and Solutions”

Ernani Fernandez: ICT Integration in Education

By Ernani Fernandez Expert Educator Columnist, Philippines Hello Worldwide Expert Educators and to all the readers out there… welcome to my column! Here, you will find the innovative strategies made by the teachers across the globe… how did they integrated technology in education and how their students acquired the 21st century skills. And you are all welcome to adopt their innovative strategies in teaching and suggest one which you think will works best. I also encourage you to share your innovations in teaching so we can post it in my column. By the way, I am Ernani S. Fernandez of Palo, Leyte, Philippines. I am one of the Microsoft Innovative Expert Educators who participated in the Microsoft in Education Global Forum which was held in Barcelona, Spain, last March 2014. That was really the best experience of mine as a teacher. I was able to collaborate with the other expert educators in the world. And luckily, the Team44 where I belong together with Kurt Soser of Austria, Tamer El-Kady of Egypt and Michio Inaba of …


Bozena Kraj: Project Based Learning and Curiosity – Practice Makes Perfect

by Bozena Kraj Expert Educator Columnist, Poland As a Polish teacher working for a school, which is called a gymnasium (students are 13 -16 years old), I really appreciate Project Based Learning. A few years ago, obligatory school educational projects were introduced to secondary schools in my country. The educational rule says a student has to do at least one registered project during his/her three years at gymnasium; however, it seems that what is obligatory does not look as attractive as a project which is voluntary. Is it controversial to repeat after Confucius “Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire?” How do we make our students understand that school-imposed activities can bear good fruit? Our autonomous students have freedom to choose what their project is about – it is a decisive moment when their attitude towards new challenges becomes enthusiastic. Moreover, since 2008 my students and I have been working on eTwinning projects which connect schools, teachers and students from Europe, Africa, Asia to collaborate using ICT, educate with ICT, integrate …


Bozena Kraj: Knowledge in Action- Our Paths of ICT

by Bozena Kraj Expert Educator Columnist, Poland I have always wanted to do something exciting, something creative, something artistic. As a girl I was taught to play the old piano my grandma had; I really liked drawing and painting and I loved writing compositions because I dreamt of being a journalist. In fact, I decided to follow in the footsteps of my mum, who was a teacher. And the best of all – she was loved by her students. Since the beginning of my school career, the role of a teacher has changed, although this feeling of being liked by students cannot be compared with anything else – it is simply the most important. Nowadays, I seem to be also an instructor and a mentor, not just an English language teacher. And these changes came with ICT. About 9 years ago I got the first Smartboard at my school, and for me and my students – it was the proper start for a “bright future”. To sum up those moments I would say: “Every beginning …