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Poonam Dogra: Fostering Collaboration For Innovative Excellence

by Poonam Dogra Expert Educator Columnist, India Rayat International School is a hub of International Collaborative projects. Encouraging students to reach out to one another to solve problems and share knowledge not only builds collaboration skills but leads to deeper learning and understanding. Global collaborative learning uses technology as  a  tool  to  build  relationships  by  collaborating,  communicating,  and  sharing  with  others throughout the world. Students are not just using the computer to do the same activity they might do without a computer. They work on meaningful tasks and solve problems together, learning about different perspectives from their peers,  thinking critically as a result of reality-based learning and questioning. Research indicates that the jobs that will be available for the students in today’s classrooms do not yet exist, but we do know that they will involve working with technology to communicate and collaborate with others throughout the world. Students are growing up in a world where these tools are part of everyday life. As teachers, we can provide the opportunity for our students to use these skills …


Meenakshi Uberoi: Dubai Global Forum – Melting Pot of Leaders in Transformation of Education

by Meenakshi Uberoi Expert Educator Columnist, India Microsoft’s Global Forum in Dubai was a great ‘melting pot’ of leaders in education and policy makers who are driving transformation in education and supporting students to be equipped for work and life. It was an honour for me to participate as a speaker in 3 sessions, namely, ‘Concepts & Contexts of Deep Learning’; ‘’Learning Design for Impact’ and ‘Technology Enriched Instruction’ and I am thankful to Microsoft worldwide & Microsoft India for entrusting me with such a great opportunity. As a self-reflection, I would like to share some insights and perspectives gained on the first day of the event. Vibrant and welcoming opening remarks of Eve Psalti put the event in the right perspective and top gear. Next came the powerful words from Anthony Salcito – ‘Expect More, Do More, Be More’ – to set the tone and lay out expectations for the event. The 2-day event was abuzz with insightful discussions, new pedagogies to adapt and availability of impactful resources for thoughtful integration of technology to …


Anutosh Deb: Teaching with Visual Media

by Anutosh Deb Expert Educator Columnist, India Anutosh Deb, teaching Art Education and working with 21st Century skills creating ICT based projects in K-12 schools in India. I have been working in the Government sector, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, for the past about twenty years. However the past twelve years of my profession has been the most rewarding and satisfying. Though I am basically teaching Art, I am more at ease teaching with ICT. Doing so I have been widely acknowledged for my ICT based works, creating number of online collaborative projects with students of my school and with other teachers and students of different schools globally. I was fortunate that my work was acknowledged by Microsoft and I had the opportunity to represent India at the Microsoft Global Forum in 2014 held in Barcelona, Spain. The best part of the forum other than meeting Educators worldwide was interacting personally with Mr. Anthony Salcito. This moment is a motivation to continue the work in the future.


Bijal Damani: From Good To Great Teaching

by Bijal Damani Expert Educator Columnist, India What will differentiate an ordinary teacher from a great teacher in years to come? A lot has been said about training and preparing students with 21st century skills. But we as teachers are so engrossed in fulfilling our present task that we have forgotten that our roles are undergoing massive changes. Here is the list of characteristics which differentiates a Great Teacher from A Good Teacher. A Good Teacher A Great Teacher SUBJECT MATTER Is an expert in subject matter + knows how to integrate it with other subjects so that students get to know the whole picture TECHNOLOGY Uses the technology to distribute content, information to students + Mostly devices the lessons plans where students use the technology for Creating. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Has learnt all about education in acquiring Teacher’s Degree + Has a good network of likeminded educators and has an ongoing PD taking place through this network PEDAGOGY TECHNIQUES Uses the pedagogical techniques which are tried and tested over a period of time + Carries …


Hari Krishna Arya: My Journey in Learning ICT

by Hari Krishna Arya Expert Educator Columnist, India “Every time you overcome a challenge, it will lift you up, build you strong and make it easier for you to overcome your next trial.” This is the beauty of challenges and I strongly believe in this. This always motivate me to do something new and unique. Here is my story of facing challenges and overcoming them. I have been very passionate to use innovative practices in teaching and always wanted to do something new and exciting. My journey of learning ICT is also much exciting as well as very interesting. This journey started when I was holding the post of Principal in a big school. I was much eager to procure computers in my school, but non availability of funds was the major constraint. In 1997 my efforts bore fruits when my school was selected for running a Computer Literacy and Study Scheme. This was a government sponsored scheme to promote computer literacy in schools. Under this scheme one Pentium-1 and four dumb terminals with a …

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Padma: Introducing My Column

by Padma S. Expert Educator Columnist, India “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”—Benjamin Franklin I am a psychologist and an educator. I teach kids aged 8 years to 11 years in India. Young, curious children teach me new things every day. As an educator, I encourage kids to question, inquire and do independent or group research. As a psychologist, I engage children with learning disabilities. In a classroom full of young minds, that one child unable to tune in just because it’s wired differently draws me in. I simply want to make a difference to that child’s life. I employ specific learning strategies consisting of systematic desensitization, tripod grip writing, behaviour therapy, neurologic impress, meditation, lazy-eight, coordination exercises, neuro linguistic programming and Brain Gym for difficult learners.


Bijal Damani: My Tips for Successful ICT Integration

by Bijal Damani Expert Educator Columnist, India Wishing a very happy new year to all! I am Bijal Damani teaching Business to Grade 11-12 students at The Galaxy Education System, Rajkot – India. In my first blog, I am going to talk about four points of why and how teachers should embrace technology in their classroom. During my 15 years of teaching-learning experience, following are my observations about effective integration of technology into classroom. Your lesson plan still matters Being pressurized to use the technology, many teachers start with the technology first. They will have the tool in hand and try to adjust the lesson plan around that tool. This type of adjust usually leads to disaster – with the technology as well as delivering the content. It is very important for all the educators to understand that technology is just providing us the tools which can give deeper experiences to our students compared to other traditional tools. Though picking up right tools is very important, drafting a perfect lesson plan is more important. This …