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Diah Fakhmawati: Designing Offline Webquest Using Powerpoint

by Diah Fakhmawati Expert Educator Columnist, Indonesia Internet for language learning provides many benefits such as providing intrinsic motivation to students, giving authentic material resources, and improving reading and writing skills. One of language learning program utilizing internet is WebQuest. Webquest is mini-projects in which a large percentage of the input and material is supplied from the internet. It is an inquiry lesson plan that requires students to express, apply, and present information which they obtain from internet. Webquest is potential for second language learning because as a pedagogical strategy, it provides the students a chance to use the target language in form of reading web pages which can develop students critical thinking and writing production of task. Webquests is related to task-based learning, as the students have to deal with amount of specific information on the web and perform a task. The task is a piece of classroom work which involves learners in comprehending, manipulating, producing or interacting in the target language. In frame of task-based learning, webquest offers chances to students to learn …


Puji Lestari: Improve Pronunciation of the English Language Through the Speak Cell

by Puji Lestari Expert Educator Columnist, Indonesia English in the State of Indonesia became one of the local subjects. But there are problems in implementation. As an Indonesian citizen who daily use the Indonesian language is even more likely to use the local language difficulties in pronunciation of foreign languages. Microsoft provides us with the presence of solutions to the Bing Translator which uses internet access. This is a good news. However, in some circumstances the facility could not be used because of several factors. One Example, in our area we often experienced lights out. Another factor is not all students have Internet access in their homes. They get it in the school. That’s why I think there should be a solution for students to learn more widespread and not confined to the classroom. Starting with Microsoft Excel. Most people familiar with Microsoft Excel as an application program that has spread sheet calculation functions and graphs. Given these functions are widely used in the world of marketing.


Ahmad Syairozi: Let’s Find the Fun of Pi!

by Ahmad Syairozi Expert Educator Columnist, Indonesia Pi is an irrational number, which is worth 3.14159 … Pi has a very long history, ranging from century BC until now many scientists are researching about Pi. One of them is Archimedes (287-212 BC), allegedly, when the Roman army would kill him, he is engrossed in solving math problems by doodling on the ground. He did not run but instead told the Roman army “do not disturb my circles!” Suppose he used to use OneNote sure we can know the question as to what he was thinking at the time. Because with OneNote, we can make handwriting, save it, and then share them with others. But unfortunately, Microsoft did not yet exist at that time. Because of the importance of Pi, I asked my students at the Junior High School of Al Hikmah Surabaya to figure the value of pi with a simple experiment. The program I use is Microsoft excel because it is very powerful for complex calculations.


Sukmawati Rahmad: Microsoft Mouse Mischief- How to Use and Tips

by Sukmawati Rahmad Expert Educator Columnist, Indonesia Have you ever confused asking students who love playing game to learn? In this digital century, children get used to interact with many gadgets but many of them cannot use the gadgets properly. They get cultural shocked. They use them mostly for playing games even when they are in classroom. They always wait for any opportunities using their gadget for playing than studying. So perhaps the following article can inspire you how to prepare a learning process in this situation. Not like many friends, I have just known this tool this week. Amazing, it guides us to present another way of presentation, interactive one. Students will experience the material we prepare interactively and of course interested. My sons said it is not a lesson, it is a game. Even my elder daughter wanted to try it even thought the lesson was below her age. They felt happiness experiencing the lesson.


Sukmawati Rahmad: Project Based Learning- Evaluation and Improvement

by Sukmawati Rahmad Expert Educator Columnist, Indonesia Many teachers are still confused conducting Project Based Learning (PBL) in class. Many questions are asked? What is PBL? What materials or core competencies can run PBL? What should be prepared for running PBL? Is the time enough for running PBL in school? How do students get involved in PBL? What activities are in PBL? Actually, those questions had been my questions before I tried PBL myself. I applied PBL for the first time just by following my understanding.  I chose one of the core competencies from the curriculum in which I can ask my students to make a product. Then, I compared the PBL that I did with the teaching method that I usually use.  I found there was no difference. I thought there was something wrong with my understanding. Then, I discussed it with my colleague from another school in English teacher forum. The discussion clarifies some of my misunderstandings about the PBL. She said that students can decide themselves the problem they want to discuss by observing the problem …