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Andy Li: Coding for Kids Made Easy with Kodu

by Andy Li Expert Educator Columnist, Hong Kong Is it necessary for kids to learn how to code´╝č Kids Coding has been a hot topic especially in ICT, education and even among parents. Programming or coding used to be regarded as alien languages and seldom chosen by students in school. People always make fun of programmers for being nerdy with thick glasses. So why is coding suddenly becoming popular and many countries becoming more eager to drive in schools? From the birth of tablet devices and smartphones from 5 years ago, huge impacts have been made not only to IT industry but also the popularity and the use of electronic devices. Before they were invented, electronic devices were used by only a small and prestigious group of people and usually designed for IT experts. Nowadays, everyone including kids and even elderlies have their own portable electronic devices and developed habits of using apps to handle daily activities such as work, internet search, communication and entertainment. IT industry is not limited to a website or concept …


Cathy Cavanaugh: Values of Learning Programming Language in School

by Cathy Cavanaugh Director of Teaching and Learning, Microsoft in Education What is a human language? As a symbol system for encoding and communicating ideas, our languages are varied and dynamic, each reflective of its own cultures and ways of knowing. Thus, each language has intrinsic value to influence thought and interaction. Additionally, each language has practical value in the 21st century. Recognizing the many benefits of learning multiple languages, schools around the world require native language fluency and a minimum of competence in a second language. Thus, world language standards have been developed by professional organizations to guide effective teaching and learning ( The choice of languages offered in a school depend on a matrix of factors including locally and regionally spoken languages, availability of teachers and curriculum, and interest among students. Increasingly, world languages and other subjects learned in school are associated with preparing students for college, career, and community.