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Lidija Kralj: Yammer in Education, Part 2

by Lidija Kralj Expert Educator Columnist, Croatia Second week of using Yammer in school went surprisingly well. We had chance to see why is great to be connected through social network and how urgent information could be easily shared when you have your own online group. Geer up with GeoGebra As mentioned in previous post our first task was about kaleidoscope. Students weren’t able to find any real kaleidoscope at home but their parents and grandparents mentioned that toy was usual on village or church fairs when they were young. That leaves us to digital creation of kaleidoscope. For that students used GeoGebra app for Windows 8. GeoGebra is very powerful tool for mathematical investigation, discoveries, visualisation and of course geometric construction. Since it is available in more than 60 languages it is perfect tool for international projects too. I use it in eTwinning projects often, but more about that in some other article. For creation of kaleidoscope students used four lines angled at 45°, draw set of polygons between first two lines and then mirrored …


Lidija Kralj: Yammer in Education, Part 1

by Lidija Kralj Expert Educator Columnist, Croatia Social networks are important part of our lives and lives of our students. Last few years we witnessed that social networks have no intentions to disappear and that we can’t banned them from schools effectively. So let’s embrace them and convert them into powerful tool for learning and teaching. Safety first Social networks are risky because lots of students share too much data about themselves, their friend and family and without thinking post naughty messages or even spread hate speech. We have three important topics we have to integrate in our use of social networks in education: protect students’ data, warn students about oversharing and prevent cyberbullying. All of mentioned were reasons I decide to give a chance to Yammer as safe learning environment. In Croatia we have great opportunity since Office 365, including Yammer is freely available to all teachers and students in primary and secondary schools. We all have digital identity defined on national level with domain, so every person is easily recognizable by their …