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Tammy Dunbar: OneNote To The Rescue!

by Tammy Dunbar Expert Educator Columnist, USA We had to have a Student Success Team meeting for Paris immediately. She had recently completed trimester proficiencies as well as reading comprehension testing in Read 180, and it seemed clear she might need more help than she was receiving. Emails were sent back and forth, but because we were in the middle of standardized testing, it was impossible to schedule a meeting so everyone could review the new data that would guide our suggestions on how best to help her. The new data was difficult to review without getting together: only I had access to her district proficieny scores, our Read 180 teacher was the only person with access to Paris’ reading comprehension data, her cumulative file was in a secure room, and our administrator had the only copy of the original SST recommendations which were on paper.  Then it hit me: why not create a OneNote for our Student Success Team? We had been training on using OneNote for ourselves and our classrooms for several months …


Jason Messer: Fostering Effective Education Transformation

by Jason Messer Superintendent, Manteca Unified School District In 2013 The Manteca Unified School Board allocated 30 million dollars (as a foundation) and directed myself, Superintendent Jason Messer, to take the District digital by the end of the 2014-2015 school year.  In the past 18 months we have successfully identified the tools, support and resources necessary to meet the School Boards expectations and provide every teacher (1,200+) with a Surface Pro 3 and every student in grade K-12 (23,500+) with a purpose built computer, Microsoft 8.1 two-in-one tablet.  We have also built out the wireless infrastructure necessary to support more than 25,000 computers accessing our network and the internet at the same time.  In addition each of our teachers has received more than 18 hours of staff development time and instructional resources. As well classroom management software has been deployed as a key component.  Please visit www.digitalschoolstoday.netand/or to learn more about our story.  In order to successfully take MUSD digital, I used the Microsoft Transformation Framework to guide our effort. I strongly suggest that …


Kelli Etheredge: Virtual Breakout Sessions with Office 365

by Kelli Etheredge Expert Educator Columnist, USA How do you gather over 120 educators in one place to collaborate, learn, and have collegial conversations about their profession?  This question is a continual focus for me.  Once a month, St. Paul’s faculty, PK-12, meet as a whole school team for professional development.  As the Director of Teaching and Learning Resources, and the person in charge of these professional development opportunities, I am continually exploring ways for our faculty to have meaningful gatherings.  It sounds easy, right?  Just gather everyone up and meet.  Easy.  Maybe.  IF you have everyone on the same campus; IF you have facilities large enough (and small enough) for collaborative meetings; IF everyone has the same professional development needs.  The reality, however, is none of these “Ifs” are true.  (We have two campuses for our school; a theater is large enough for all of us, but not small enough for the real work of collaboration; and our professional development needs are as varied as the children in our classrooms.)  I am sure we …


Walid Chaafi: Practicing listening and speaking with technology

by Walid Chaafi Expert Educator Columnist, Tunisia If you have been teaching a foreign/second language since a long time, you may come cross many problems finding suitable resources before the revolution of the web. But now things has changed for good. The focus will not be on any specific language as this article can be applied to any taught language, which is known as EFL /ESL. I will focus in this article on the online audio and video materials which may help in improving the listening and speaking skills. The web provides teachers and learners with lots of opportunities to work with online audio and video- both listening to, watching it and creating it. There are lots of materials online. However, before accessing these materials it is important to consider what to use and how you are going to use them with your learners. Recent improvements in technology design and connectivity have led to significant developments in web-based video communications. It is now not only very simple and easy to connect and communicate across the …

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Anil Saccaram: Make a Difference with Gamification

by Anil Saccaram Expert Educator Columnist, Mauritius I would like to start my first blog #mieexpert2015 by sharing with you my experience with game-based learning and gamification. A lot of researches have been carried out on the benefits of game-based learning and the literature review shows a mixed feeling, some find it very beneficial while others are more cautious and find substantial drawbacks. It is true that game- based learning is not always the best strategy because it is quite difficult to find off-the-shelf games which are tailor made to suit the school curriculum and meet the specific learning objectives set. Also, it may happen that due to lack of proper supervision and monitoring students give more attention to the game side than to the pedagogical interest in playing these games. However, gamification, which is the inclusion of video game design and game elements in learning environments (Wikipedia), can be a more interesting path to explore as you can fix your own objectives and design your activities accordingly while at the same time retain similar …


Dai Nguyen Thi: Project-Based Learning Makes Physics Fun!

by Dai Nguyen Thi Expert Educator Columnist, Vietnam My stance in teaching is that: “Applying information communication technology in the teaching is an artistic job. The Information technology must go in hand with teaching methodology then it will make itself radiant. As I think, the teaching methodology is for the whole world. However, in the other countries, other regions, depending on the actual situation in education and the development of information technology, using teaching methodology with information technologies requires the creation of educators. The success in the application of information technology in teaching, that is fit and high feasibility for many teachers and students working together and help students to improve the 21st century skills. Project-based learning is one of the best teaching methodology. However, when I applied PBL of teaching, I and my colleagues just knew mostly PowerPoint Apps. I asked myself about the question “: How application of information communication technology in teaching projects could be used as an effective tool supporting students learn well.


Matt Harris: Global Not International

by Matt Harris Expert Educator Columnist, Singapore When I was asked about writing this column, Microsoft asked what unique view or approach could I take to Educational Technology. My frame was one of working in a leadership capacity in an international school. I am not directly tied to a national system or central cultural influence (despite the words German and European in my school’s name). Rather, I work with people and pedagogies from all over the world. I am “international.” And that is what Ed Tech has become: international. Take the MIE Expert program for example. How many Twitter and Facebook posts have you read that come from people in countries around the world. The Arabic posts alone on the MIE Expert forum on Facebook have me astounded as an English mother tongue speaker. There is enough reach within this community to hold that dialogue in a different language/script/direction and maintain engagement around the world.


MIE School Profile: Vietnam Australia International School

by Nam Ngo Thanh Expert Educator Columnist, Vietnam School: Vietnam Australia International School Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Can Tho City, Vietnam Type of School: Private Levels of Schooling: Kindergarten – High School Number of Students: 4500 Number of Teachers: 600 Number of Classrooms: 225 Website: Slogan: Be The Best You Can Be MIE Experts: Nam Ngo Thanh – Expert Educator 2014


Kelli Etheredge: Personalized Learning for Global Citizens (White Paper Interviews)

by Kelli Etheredge Expert Educator Columnist, USA Personalized Learning is a hot topic in education.  As with many buzzwords in education, however, depending upon who are you listening to, sometimes, it is hard to quantify what personalized learning really means and what value it adds to learning environments.  Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to read the whitepaper Personalized Learning for Global Citizens and then interview its authors, Kathryn Kennedy, Joseph R. Freidhoff, and Kristen DeBruler from the Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute.  The whitepaper is part of Microsoft in Education’s Transformation Framework series.  In it, Dr. Kennedy and her colleagues discuss the research on personalized learning, the value technology offers when designing a personalized learning environment, and the guiding principles for leaders and educators when implementing a personalized learning program.  I highly recommend Personalized Learning for Global Citizens for all educators and education leaders.  Kennedy and her team not only highlight the research on the topic, but provide practical applications and concrete examples related to the research.  Specifically, the paper itemizes the twelve elements …


Lidija Kralj: Yammer in Education Part 4- Settling Down

by Lidija Kraj Expert Educator Columnist, Croatia Here we are, four weeks passed by and we learnt a lot. Yammer is no longer novelty for students and me, it is something we rely on and something we expect to have handy quite often. You’d be surprised how fast we get addicted to Yammer We continued working on our citizenship topics, sharing, commenting and publishing presentations about future schools in Yammer. Now we have nice collection of dozen school presentations on one place, all neatly marked with hashtag #skole (that means schools in Croatian). Collection of files raised to 35 items and I started to ask around what is our limit but administrator tells me not to worry about limits. That sounds pretty good for me. Also I discovered that Yammer is amazing in handling files, every time I discover some new option – this time I found out how to see all files organized by time, groups and types. Did you know that one post in Yammer could have up to 25 files attached (see …