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Scott Bricker: The Coach’s Corner- OneNote, My Match Made in Education Heaven!

by Scott Bricker Expert Educator Columnist, USA With the creation of one simple program, Microsoft has helped me save a small forest! In my nearly 20+ years as a Teacher, Basketball Coach, Life Coach and Student, I was the self-proclaimed “Notepad Guy.” You know, the person that carries around one or more 8.5 x 11 inch notepads, with those adorable, equally spaced lines for me to take meticulously organized notes on the meeting, or doodle randomly when I get distracted. It was so great to be able to flip back and forth between the pages weeks on down the road, and when I was done, I could just add the notepad to the stack in the back corner of my office while I watched that pile grow to be a gigantic eye sore in my office.


Sukmawati Rahmad: Project Based Learning- Evaluation and Improvement

by Sukmawati Rahmad Expert Educator Columnist, Indonesia Many teachers are still confused conducting Project Based Learning (PBL) in class. Many questions are asked? What is PBL? What materials or core competencies can run PBL? What should be prepared for running PBL? Is the time enough for running PBL in school? How do students get involved in PBL? What activities are in PBL? Actually, those questions had been my questions before I tried PBL myself. I applied PBL for the first time just by following my understanding.  I chose one of the core competencies from the curriculum in which I can ask my students to make a product. Then, I compared the PBL that I did with the teaching method that I usually use.  I found there was no difference. I thought there was something wrong with my understanding. Then, I discussed it with my colleague from another school in English teacher forum. The discussion clarifies some of my misunderstandings about the PBL. She said that students can decide themselves the problem they want to discuss by observing the problem …