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Marija Petreska: Pinteresting Ideas, Part 1

by Marija Petreska Expert Educator Columnist, Macedonia I have a Pinterest Board of my favourite Windows 8 apps that I’ll be writing about in my next columns but I could not start sharing without first introducing my Pinterest lesson ideas. So this is one of three columns on using Pinterest in an English language classroom. Here you can find a Pinterest board of very pintersting articles that have inspired most of my ideas. Today’s column is on creating a All About Me Pinterest Boards. All about Me posters are usually created at the beginning of the school year but I thought of some creative activities that you can do on number of occasions. For example announcing the students of the month with the Most Wanted Students Pinterest board, teaching past tenses with My Timeline board, teaching body parts and physical characteristics with Missing Person Announcement pins or at the end of the school year and a lesson on summer vacation with My Passport board.

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Bridget Crooks: The Student Voice- Top 5 Tech Tools for 2014

It is very easy to see the value in a tech tool as a teacher. We see the learning in our classrooms clearly. We are very aware of the learning that needs to take place and the movement we have to take to get there.

But sometimes we forget to actually ask our students what they like to use. And most importantly what adds value to their education; what’s easy and intuitive to use; what fits their learning and their lives.