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Marija Petreska: Last Minute Microsoft Love

 by Marija Petreska Expert Educator Columnist, Macedonia I know it is the very last minute for Valentine’s Day classroom tips and ideas, but Friday is always reserved for me and I could not but share my love for Microsoft. Shall we start! I’ll go by favorites, so my first activity will naturally be of PowerPoint. Sorry OneNote and Office Mix you can never beat first love. 1. PowerPoint It is more than obvious that I’ll suggest creating Valentine’s cards in PowerPoint but not so obvious what to do with them. Why not make it with a hidden secret message for the receiver. Many were interested of augmented reality on the Heroes of the OneNote Based Teaching call. And here is a how to step by step guide for creating Valentine’s Day cards and overlay them with some augmented reality. It is still minus one in Macedonia so most of our cards are wintry

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Ruby KL Huang: It’s in the Sway you say it!

Steve Martin, Expert Educator Columnist, New Zealand- In my first blog entitled ‘There are no rainbows without rain’ I outlined the intention of sharing the story of a group of teachers within the Science Department who are building success through technology. What follows is an inspiring article written by Ruby Huang, a second year teacher who is also a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert at Howick College. The Conjugation of Sway: I Sway, You Sway, He Sways, She Sways, They Sway, We Sway By Ruby KL Huang Expert Educator Columnist, New Zealand “Hey, have you seen the latest Microsoft programme called Sway?” “Sway? No, but it does sound fancy though, what is it?” This simple conversation would be the start to my obsession with Microsoft Sway. Through a bit of clicking and trial and error, I managed to discover the effortlessness of creatively designing a webpage presentation. When asked a few days later to present on the topic of “Collaboration” to my colleagues at work, I decided that I must show them the amazing capabilities of …


Tammy Dunbar: The Gift of Time

by Tammy Dunbar Expert Educator Columnist, USA ‘Tis the season when everyone is looking for the perfect present. Wherever you turn, there are gift ideas for outdoors folks, gourmet cooks, book lovers, animal fans and, of course, tech people. In our interconnected and fast-paced world, it’s easy to point, click and order something that can be delivered right to someone’s front door. But, if you listen to Dr. Seuss’s Grinch, the best gift comes without ribbons, it comes without tags, it comes without packages, boxes or bags! The best gift for anyone on your list is the gift of time. Our students need time to think, to create, to question, to explore. Technology allows us to differentiate our instruction so that students can focus on their personal learning needs. One student may be creating a great presentation on PowerPoint using Office Mix while another is still searching for the just the right resources to copy into their OneNote. When we allow students the time to work at their own pace, we can more easily focus …


Meenakshi Uberoi: My Tryst With Technology

by Meenakshi Uberoi Expert Educator Columnist, India My tryst with technology goes almost a decade back, when Microsoft announced the ‘Innovative Teachers Leadership Award 2005’ in India, more specifically in our school. I was instantly drawn to it, as it catered to my need of the hour – to carve a niche for myself amongst the highly capable, experienced and qualified teachers. Though I am and have always been a technology enthusiast who loves to work with the latest in technology, this platform brought out the best of me. While preparing for this competition, Microsoft PowerPoint has been a game changer. It helped me create captivating and interactive sessions that were information-packed and grabbed my students’ attention instantly. When I explained the concept of photosynthesis to my 4th graders using PowerPoint, it helped them visualize the concept and develop a better understanding of a phenomenon that cannot be seen or experienced otherwise. This was only the beginning; PowerPoint then became a medium of expression for me. It aided explaining and showcasing concepts that were otherwise …


Tammy Dunbar: Overcoming Digital Overload One Byte at a Time

by Tammy Dunbar Expert Educator Columnist, USA Do you know what a yottabyte is? No, it’s not a nip on the knee from a beloved Star Wars character. It’s a measurement of digital information. And one I never dreamed would ever be necessary. When we purchased our first home computer in 1987, we upgraded from 10 to 20 megabytes, because we were convinced that was all we’d ever need. But now, the Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Forecast for 2014 has included the word yottabyte when discussing the amount of digital information in our connected world. Cisco reports that “IP traffic will reach an annual rate of 1.6 zettabytes by the end of 2018.” Zettabytes? Hang in there, I can explain. It takes 1,000,000 gigabytes to equal an Exabyte, 1,000 exabytes to equal a zettabyte, and 1,000 zettabytes to equal a yottabyte. A yottabyte equals about 250 trillion DVDs of “The Empire Strikes Back.” Technology is ubiquitous. You can’t walk into a grocery store or drive past another car without seeing someone looking at or …


Tammy Dunbar: Teacher Geek is Chic!

by Tammy Dunbar Expert Educator Columnist, USA The first day back to school after a lovely summer break is rough on any teacher. There’s so much to do- organize the desks, chart out lesson plans, decorate walls and hook up whatever technology was packed away and locked up over the break. One such a day I got a frantic call from a frazzled fellow teacher: “My internet won’t work!” When I arrived in her classroom (beautifully decorated and much more ready than mine), she pointed to the guilty tower computer. She showed me how she’d tried several desktop shortcuts, gone to internet connections and attempted to establish some kind of link to the web. She had used every trick in her book to open a connection to the Web. “I’ve tried everything. I just don’t know what to do!”


News Flash: Tell your students to enter the Microsoft Schoolwork Challenge!

by Anya Ruvinskaya, Microsoft in Education, Students Calling innovative educators from around the world! Have you heard about this great new contest called the Microsoft Schoolwork Challenge? It’s open to students from across the world– enter your best schoolwork project created with Office and you could win a Surface Pro 3 or Xbox! It could be an awesome Office Mix, an Excel chart with great number crunching, or an amazing PowerPoint you made to present your science project. Spread the word to your students so they can submit the work they’re most proud of! You can click here to see some examples of great sample projects. The deadline is December 2nd so submit those entries now! Cant wait to see those great submissions! – Anya  


Kurt Söser: My Microsoft EduCast Experience

by Kurt Söser, MIE Expert Columnist   First of all: Thanks to all the people and fellow teachers and friends who have joined the Microsoft Educator Webcast on Tuesday, 11th of November. I read a lot of familiar names and I am still thrilled by this event, although some small things went wrong… I was expecting that my presentation on Office Mix should be at the end of the Webinar, but instead I was placed second, so I could not rely on Tim’s presentation, but I think the audience got my ideas. So here is the recording of the Webcast and you can rewatch it. You just have to register (for free) and you can watch the Educast: Registration Page Microsoft Educast For those who want to get more infos on Office Mix, feel free to go to or rewatch this short Office Mix, which I created for the event: Another great thing that was mentioned in this Educast are the Bing lesson plans. I have not tried that lesson plans, so I will …


Tutorial Tuesdays: Flip Your Classroom by Using Office Mix!

by Minnia Feng, MSEN Community Manager Another Quick Tip video for the week– this one shows how you can record voice, images, and notation in OfficeMix to make a truly 21st century lesson! It’s really simple and interactive for the students using it, as they are able to access multiple modalities to enhance the learning experience. [youtube] How do you use Office Mix in the classroom? Leave your thoughts in the comments, and also let us know what other types of Quick Tip videos you’d like to see!